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5 Ways to Dust Card Packs

FIFA 21 TOTY Starts: How To Get a Lot Of Packs for FREE!

FIFA 21 TOTY event starts on Friday. 5 ways how to get packs for free
Get free packs for TOTY the easy way! (Credit: EA Sports)

The FIFA 21 TOTY (Team of the Year) event is approaching! Even before the start on Friday you can get some packs for free to open them after the start of the event and draw really strong players with a little bit of luck. We tell you which packs are worthwhile.

The voting for the FIFA 21 TOTY has ended on January 18 and the starting signal for the new promo event will be given on Friday. More precisely, on Friday morning, as can be seen from the Instagram channel of EA Sports. There you can find a countdown that will expire on Friday at 01:00 CET so hurry up and secure some free packs before it's too late.

What Can You Expect in the FIFA 21 TOTY?

The Team of the Year in FIFA traditionally brings some of the strongest cards that the FUT mode has to offer. Sure, events like the Headliners or Ones to Watch have plenty to offer as well, but quite a few players who make it into the TOTY end up with a total value of 95 or more - several cards with 99 OVR are considered extremely likely.

The TOTY team from FIFA 20
A look at the TOTY from last year reveals: The cards will be extremely hot! (Credit: EA Sports)

Better players will not be available during the year!

In previous years, EA Sports has released the TOTY cards in a staggered fashion. First came the defenders, then the midfield, and then the attackers, before they all came in packs at a later time. This might also be the case for the FIFA 21 TOTY.

FIFA 21 TOTY: Get More Packs for FREE!

The probability of drawing a TOTY player in card packs is astronomically small. Logically, you increase your chances if you open more packs. Sounds obvious, doesn't it?

Now you could pull out your wallet for FIFA packs and buy them for real money. However, we don't do that and it's not necessary either, because even in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode there are several ways to get packs for free.

1. Complete the Mega Duel

In FUT 21, a new goals category called "Mega Duel" has been launched. There you can secure a total of five card packs by completing four simple tasks. All you have to do is complete various objectives in Squad Battles or Division Rivals mode.

FIFA 21 FUT Mega Pack
4 simple tasks for 5 valuable packs in Mega Pack. (Credit: EA Sports)

2. Complete Various Goals

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 3, as always, comes with a variety of tasks and objectives. Completing some of them will reward you with card packs. Navigate to the "Goals" tab in the web app or in-game to get an overview.

Some card packs are unlocked through seasonal progress, which you increase by earning experience points. Other goals require you to complete certain tasks. Worthwhile ones include:

  • Milestone: Co-op - Win 25 co-op games (Reward: Premium Gold Player Set).
  • Mastery: Templates (Reward: Rare Player Set)
  • Mastery: Completion (Reward: Jumbo Rare Player Pack)
  • The Silver Experts
  • And many more...

3. Packs From the Rewards

The classic: Save your card packs from the Division Rivals and Weekend League rewards. These will be distributed on Thursday morning. This week you should not open them directly, but save them until the start of the FUT 21 TOTY.

4. Card Packs From SBCs

Card packs are also sometimes awarded for completing some Squad Building Challenges (SBCs for short). Keep your eyes open and complete as many SBCs as possible before they expire. You'll save the rewards until the TOTY launch, just like with the rewards.

The 80+ player choice would be an option, but the 81+ double upgrade or the new 82+ upgrade SBCs are also worthwhile. Keep an eye on the League SBCs: Here you can secure some really strong card packs for free at a relatively low price. SBCs of top teams like Chelsea, FC Bayern, or RB Leipzig cost around 10,000 coins and reward you with packs that are sometimes worth significantly more.

FIFA 21 FUT Headliners James Tavernier
SBC challenges are a good way to get some extra packs! (Credit: EA Sports)

5. Packs From Icon Swaps

Currently, the first Icon Swaps are running in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and there are some packs to be won. Via the friendly mode you can get tokens which you can invest in FUT icons - or, as in this case, in card packs:

  • For 2 tokens you get 2 Ultimate Packs.
  • For 3 tokens you get a pack of 5 players with a value of at least 85+.
  • For 5 tokens you get a pack with 25 players who have at least an 83+ value.

However, this method is only worthwhile if you don't want to earn any of the icons from the swaps. If you invest the tokens in packs, you will ultimately lack them for completion.

FIFA 21 FUT Icon Swaps 1
You can also unlock powerful packs in Icon Swaps. (Credit: EA Sports)

You can see for yourself: There are many ways to get FIFA 21 Packs without spending money. Whether you will really find TOTY players in them or you will draw losers depends solely on RNG. We keep our fingers crossed for you.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.