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To the top of the pack in only a few minutes

FIFA 21 TOTY: Earn a Rare Mega Pack by Completing 4 Tasks

Kylian Mbappé FIFA 21 TOTY
Mbappé also has his eye on the free packs that you can currently earn. (Credit: EA Sports / EarlyGame)

On Friday, January 22, the time has finally come: The FIFA 21 TOTY (Team of the Year), the hottest event of the soccer winter, awaits us. Get a rare Mega Pack by completing 4 simple tasks!

To increase your chances of winning one of the powerful TOTY cards, you should accumulate as many card packs as possible in the run-up event. At the start of the FUT 21 Team of the Year on Friday night, with a little luck, you can draw the highly improved players. Five packs, including the powerful Rare Mega Pack, are now available for you to easily earn.

But, What’s in the Rare Mega Pack?

The Rare Mega Pack is one of the strongest card packs FIFA 21 Ultimate Team has to offer. Normally, it costs 55,000 coins, and offers the chance to get some really good cards.

The pack contains a total of 30 gold cards, all of which are rare, and therefore worth more than the common gold variants in most cases. These include players, jerseys, chemistry styles, or stadium objects.

How to Earn the Rare Mega Pack

In the goals of the third FUT season, you will find the new tab “Mega Duel”. Until January 25, you can secure a total of four card packs by completing various tasks in Squad Battles and Division Rivals mode.

If you complete all the tasks, you will receive the Rare Mega Pack, as well as 300 experience points for the season’s progress.

The tasks are very simple, but all rewards are non-exchangeable, and cannot be converted into coins on the transfer market. But, hey: if you find a TOTY card or another strong player in there, you can get over that, right?

The Tasks:

  • Play 5 Rivals games (Reward: Two-Rare Gold Player Pack).
  • Score 7 goals with midfielders in Squad Battles (minimum difficulty pro) or Rivals (Reward: 1 Rare Player 75+)
  • Score 12 goals in Squad Battles (minimum difficulty Pro) or Rivals (Reward: 1 rare player 75+)
  • Win 7 Squad Battles (minimum difficulty Pro) or Rivals games (Reward: Two Rare Gold Player Packs)
Mega Duel in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
Most of the tasks in Squad battles don't present you with any serious problems. (Credit: EA Sports)

So, if you like playing Squad Battles against the AI, you’ll secure three packs in no time. In addition, you only need to play five online games in Division Rivals mode, where the result doesn’t matter.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Phillip Briel.