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The FUT Community TOTS is up to you

Vote for FIFA 21 TOTS Now!

FIFA 21 TOTS Community Vote
The TOTS vote is on! (Credit:

They were just rumors at first, but EA Sports made it official: TOTS is coming to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. As per tradition, fans will have a say in it by casting their vote for the Community Team of the Season.

EA Sports' latest tweet has answered the burning question: Is Team of the Season coming in April? Yes, the answer is yes. Not only that, but the fan vote has been opened already.

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When Is FIFA 21 TOTS Released?

Chill, it hasn't even started yet, but it will be released very, very soon. We expect the first team or teams of the season to be unveiled this time next week. Pardon our manners, you may not be reading this at the time of posting: TOTS cards should make their way into FUT on Friday, April 23, at precisely 7pm CET.

Can I Vote for FIFA 21 TOTS?

Not for all of them, but yes, you can vote. This is as close to imposing your will on EA Sports as you're probably going to get. Community voting will account for one team only: The – wait for it – Community TOTS. What a reveal!

Robert Lewandowski will probably be a 99 again. (Credit: EA Sports)

Which Players Are Included in the Community TOTS?

EA have put some limitations on the available players for the Community team. They must have no more than one special card in FUT. That takes a surprising amount of players out of contention, but of course, the rest will almost certainly make it via one of the regular rosters, so no need to feel pity for Leo Messi.

How Can I Vote for TOTS?

Extremely easy. Just visit the EA official site, select your favorite eleven from the nominees and submit your vote. Despite the limited options, there are still plenty of recognizable names in there. Make your choice matter and cast your vote now!

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