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It is coming sooner than we thought

FIFA 21 TOTS Leak: Release Date & Content

FIFA 20 TOTSSF had the best cards in the entire game. (Credit:

The FIFA 21 season is slowly coming to an end. The crowning finale of each year is the Team of the Season, and it might be released earlier than we would have expected. All information about the TOTS release date, TOTS leaks and more is right here.

The FUT Player Days in FIFA 21 will end soon. The end of the football season is slowly approaching. FIFA fans know what that means: The FIFA 21 Team of the Season is coming. When exactly is that going to happen tho?

When is the FIFA 21 TOTS Release Date?

FUT Player Days and FUT Birthday are behind us and everything points to a Team of the Season release very soon. Unlike FIFA 20, when EA Sports released the TOTSSF (Team of the Season So Far) in June, the TOTS may well be upon us before the end of April.

According to several consistent leaks, the next promo event will start on April 23.

TOTS Content

In Team of the Season, we receive special cards for the best performing footballers over the course of the real football season. These cards are even better than the other similar format - Team of the Year.

In addition, a variety of new content awaits you in FIFA 21 TOTS, including:

  • TOTS cards (Leagues & Ultimate TOTS)
  • Team of the Season Objectives
  • Lightning Rounds for card packs

Can You Vote for TOTS?

Presumably, there will be a TOTS vote again this year, culminating in a community team. According to the current leaks, there will be a vote again this year.

However, it is still unclear where this will take place and when the Team of the Season vote will start. With TOTS presumably launching in about a week and a half, we should expect more information by the beginning of next week at the latest.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.