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FIFA 21 Title Update 7 Now Available on PS4, Xbox One

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FIFA 21 Title Update 7 arrives to consoles just three days after it was released on PC. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

FIFA console players are already aware that they need to wait for Title Updates longer than their PC counterparts, but this week, the wait was a lot shorter than usual. Just three days after Title Update 7 arrived to the PC, it was made available to PS4 and Xbox One players as well.

FIFA 21 Title Update 7 was released at the beginning of the week for PC and looked into... slowing the game down? Yep, the two most meaningful gameplay changes were reducing cross speed and making volleys more difficult to perform. Not saying this is good or bad. In fact, most people are probably satisfied every time anything related to pace and speed is getting nerfed.

One other, objectively good fix we should enjoy is improved referee logic. Refs in FIFA 21 aren't the sharpest tools in the shed and EA Sports already tried changing that with Title Update 4. That's why we say we should see smarter referees now. EA already tried and failed in that regard in an earlier patch, so we're not too confident in their ability to do that now.

We have pretty much the same issue with interceptions - another part of gameplay the developers supposedly solved in a previous Title Update. The fact we saw pretty much the same patch note on interceptions that was included in Title Update 6 isn't breathing confidence.

Thanks to Title Update 7 going live on all three major FIFA 21 platforms, we at least know that if any of this is still not working properly, we're going to find out.

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