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Referees Are No Longer Morons Thanks to FIFA 21 Title Update 4

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Title Update 4 finally brings FIFA 21 referees' IQ up to an acceptable level. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports have released a new patch for FIFA 21. Just like the ones before it, Title Update 4 arrives for PC first and will come to consoles with a small delay.

FIFA 21 Title Update 4 has reached the PC version of the game. The third patch of this season only reached consoles earlier this week, but PC gamers are already looking to the new patch and it's something special.

FIFA 21 Title Update 4 Patch Notes

Title Update 4 comes with numerous changes, improvements, and adjustments that affect all game modes of FIFA 21. One of the most important changes: referees are finally getting smarter.

Cards will be shown when deserved and so will obvious penalties that were not gonna be given prior to the update. Another extremely annoying bug that's been removed is the one where the ref would blow the final whistle during a dangerous attack. Many controllers were saved with this particular fix.

Among many other bug fixes, Title Update 4 also takes care of the popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode and offers for example a preview function for crowd chants and club anthems on the transfer market.

Title Update 4 FUT Patch Notes

Most of the changes with Title Update 4 mainly affect the transfer market, which is now expected to work not only faster, but also more reliably. In addition, the ping display has been improved: it should now show the connection quality in both directions and thus better show how good the connection really is.

The Squad Battles exploit has also been fixed. Until now, due to a bug with the AI, it was possible to win all games with ease even at the highest difficulty level.

There are many, many patch notes in Title Update 4 that affect Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and VOLTA as well as FUT and gameplay that we cannot go over in detail. You can still see the full list of patch notes at EA's official site.

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