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The big patch has taken its talents to PS4 and Xbox

FIFA 21 Title Update 4 Now Active on Consoles

FIFA 21 Title Update 4 for Consoles
FIFA 21 Title Update 4 is now available for consoles.

The huge FIFA 21 Title Update 4 has made its way to consoles. The cycle this year has been for patches to come to PC first and to the PS4 and Xbox second, so this delay was expected. The important thing is that FIFA 21 referees are slightly less retarded on all platforms now.

FIFA 21 Title Update 4 was released for PC late last week. Console players should be used to getting their game patched up later than their PC brothers by now, but this time was different. The patch was so big and fixed so many things at once that it was like getting a new, properly working version of FIFA 21. As much as that is possible of course.

FIFA 21 Title Update 4 Patch Notes

The update is around 3GB in size for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This might seem like a lot, but considering the sheer volume of fixes that came along with the update, it is actually quite modest.

In brief, FIFA 21 Title Update 4 deals with referees blowing the whistle when they shouldn't and not blowing it when they should, players randomly floating around, objects such as nets not acting like they're supposed to, and many, many other bugs. The type which you can only find in a FIFA game.

The patch notes are not only game-related. Oh, no, no, no! Every single major FIFA 21 game mode has been given several repairs. Title Update 4 is so big this whole article could have been just the notes themselves and it would have been thrice as long.

For such a read, you can head to the official EA Sports website.

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