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FIFA 21 Title Update 3 Patch Notes Released (UPDATED)

FIFA 21 Patch Notes

A huge update to FIFA 21

One week after the FIFA 21 release EA Sports releases the third patch for the sports game. Title Update 3 is already available for the PC and comes with some important new features.

The first two FIFA 21 patches only took care of a few problems, but the FIFA 21 Title Update 3 has a lot to offer. We deliver the complete patch notes and tell you what changes were made in the game.

October 28 Update

FIFA 21 Title Update 3, including patch 3.1, is now available for download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Update 3.1 fixes some minor bugs that were present after the release of Title Update 3.

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FIFA 21 Title Update 3

First things first: Title Update 3 is now available for download on the PC, while the new patch will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One "at a later date." So the new FIFA 21 patch will probably be released on consoles next week.

The third update takes care of different problems and bugs in all FIFA 21 game modes and weakens for example the overpowering Elástico skill move. The AI on the highest difficulty level now demands even more from you.

The Most Important Gameplay Changes

  • The "Competitor" difficulty level, in which the AI imitates the playing style of some of the top FIFA professionals, becomes even more difficult.
  • The time players need to recover after a block animation has been shortened
  • The overpowering Elástico skill move has been slowed down
  • Passes while running could sometimes become short passes and this should no longer occur
  • In context-based Agile Dribbling, the player now keeps a little more distance from the opponent

Changes in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Mode

  • Newly purchased players or players received via SBCs are now correctly added to the club
  • Player cards were sometimes displayed incorrectly after goals were scored
  • Fixed several bugs in the FUT-Co-op mode
  • Various bug fixes and adjustments to the menus and the transfer market

Changes to the Career Mode With Title Update 3

  • Hungary, Bulgaria, and Iceland were added to the talent scouting map
  • Incorrect texts were corrected in various places
  • If a player was put on the transfer list and you delegated his contract extension to the assistant, he could not be taken off the transfer list
  • It could happen that development plans were not shown as completed even though the time elapsed
  • Players sometimes requested contract renewals even though they had just signed a new contract
  • Players who had just signed a contract could not be loaned out

FIFA 21 Title Update 3 takes care of many other errors and problems, for example in VOLTA mode or in Pro Clubs. Also, the new face of a coach was added to the game, but it is not clear who it is.

Carlo Ancelotti from FC Everton would have needed it anyway, after all, the Italian is already a FIFA 21 meme.

You can read the complete patch notes for FIFA 21 Title Update 3 on the EA Sports forum.

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