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FIFA 21 Squad Battles: Rewards & Info About the FUT Mode

FIFA 21 Squad Battles: Rewards & info about the FUT mode

Squad Battles is one of the most important game modes in FUT 21 (Image credit: EA Sports)

If you don't want to play against other players online in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, Squad Battles is your place to go. We tell you what you can expect in the FUT offline mode and what rewards to look forward to.

In addition to the online mode Division Rivals and the Weekend League, which offers the best rewards in the FUT mode, there is a third game mode that is very popular: Squad Battles. Here's what to expect in the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team offline mode.

What are the Squad Battles in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

In Squad Battles you compete against the FUT teams of other players or well-known professional footballers. Unlike in Division Rivals, these teams are controlled by the CPU, so you play offline against the AI of FIFA 21.

Before the game, you decide how hard your opponent should play based on the level of difficulty. This also affects the rewards you can expect after a game: The higher the difficulty level, the more points you can earn. All points go into a total score that determines your rank (compared to other players) each week - the higher your rank, the better the weekly Squad Battles rewards.

When Do the Squad Battles Rewards Appear?

The weekly Squad Battles rewards are released at 02:00 AM on Monday. You can start the new week with new FUT 21 Packs and strengthen your team for the upcoming Division Rivals or Squad Battles games.

What Rewards Are There?

The amount of rewards depends on your achieved rank. A maximum of 40 games per week are included in your ranking. For each rank you can choose between two bonuses: a coin bonus and a reward in the form of card packs - the packs are of course the better option.

The ranks in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Squad Battles:

  • Bronze 3: 1 Premium loan player pack
  • Bronze 2: 1 Gold Pack
  • Bronze 1: 800 coins or 2 gold pack
  • Silver 3: 1,500 coins or 1 Gold Pack & 1 Premium Gold Pack
  • Silver 2: 4,000 coins or 1 Gold Pack & 2 Premium Gold Packs
  • Silver 1: 7,000 coins or 2 jumbo premium gold packs
  • Gold 3: 10,000 coins or 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack & 1 mixed Premium Player Pack
  • Gold 2: 11,000 coins or 1 Premium Gold Player Pack & 1 mixed Premium Player Pack
  • Gold 1: 11,000 coins or 1 Premium Gold Player Pack & 1 mixed Premium Player Pack & 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • Elite 3: 12,000 coins or 1 Mega Pack & 2 Premium Gold Player Packs
  • Elite 2: 15,000 coins or 2 Mega Packs & 1 Premium Gold Player Pack
  • Elite 1: 30,000 coins or 2 rare mega packs
  • Rank 101 - 200: 65,000 coins or 2 Mega Packs & 1 Rare Player Pack
  • Rank 41 - 100: 65,000 coins or 1 Jumbo Rare Player Pack & 2 Mega Packs
  • Rank 21 - 40: 75,000 coins or 2 Rare Player Packs & 1 Jumbo Rare Player Pack
  • Rank 2 - 20: 87,500 coins or 1 Ultimate Pack & 2 Rare Player Packs
  • Rank 1: 100,000 coins or 2 Ultimate Packs & 2 Rare Mega Packs

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How Do I Get the Most Points in Squad Battles?

Besides the difficulty level, several factors play a crucial role. In any case, play against the two weekly special teams: the first team is the selection of a professional and appears every Monday. The second team is the current Team of the Week and always appears on Wednesday evening after the announcement.

Keep an eye on your opponent's team rating and chemistry: if the other team has low scores, you can easily increase the difficulty level to score more points if you win. The type of victory is also important, as this is where the skill multiplier comes into play. Extra points beckon for example for:

  • Goals
  • Shooting at the goal
  • Successful Tackles
  • Corners
  • Game without receiving a goal
  • Accuracy
  • Ball possession
  • Trophy for the player of the game

Counter goals, fouls, yellow and red cards, and the number of offside positions reduce the skill multiplier. Try to play as fair as possible and score as many goals as possible to get the most out of a FUT 21 Squad Battles game.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Squad Battles Points

Goals, skills and level of difficulty determine how many points are awarded. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Which Squad Battles Innovations Are There in FIFA 21?

Squad Battles can be played in the brand new FUT-co-op mode this year. Both players receive weekly points and coins for their ranking. Furthermore, there is a Top 200 instead of a Top 100 in the leaderboard and therefore better rewards.

There is also the new Competitor mode, which you can additionally activate on the Legend and Ultimate difficulty levels. This simulates the playing style of some of the best FIFA players in the world and attracts with even more weekly points - perfect training for the next Weekend League.

Read more about FIFA 21 and esports on EarlyGame. We give you useful tips about the FUT mode and introduce you to the 4 best formations in the game.


Original article written by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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