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FIFA 21: This SBC Is a Real Bargain! 80+ Player Choice

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team 80+ player choice SBC is a bargain
Invest your irreplaceable players here: the 80+ player choice SBC. (Credit: EA Sports / EarlyGame)

As part of the FUT 21 Freeze promo, many new squad building challenges saw the light of day. Some of them are worthwhile, others are not. However, the 80+ player selection SBC, which costs around 6,000 coins, is a real bargain.

The FUT 21 Freeze Christmas event brings us a new player and SBC puzzles every day. Many of the player challenges are worthwhile, but most of the other squad building challenges are not. There's one exception: the 80+ player choice SBC. We have the most affordable solution.

Update: 80+ Player Choice SBC Is Back

The best of the best sometimes come back. The successful and community-celebrated 80+ Player SBC, which actually expired at the end of December, returned on January 10. You have until January 22 to complete the Squad Building Challenge and, with some luck, secure some really strong players at a bargain price. Nothing has changed in the price and requirements:

  • Price: around 6,000 coins
  • Expiration: January 22nd
  • Requirement: Gold players only, min. 2 rare, min. 30 chemistry

80+ Player Selection

Since the prices on the transfer market have changed in the meantime, the cheapest team also looks a bit different. This time we use a quartet from Spain's 2nd division and combine it with a duo from the Czech Republic and two Colombians.

FIFA 21 80+ player choice SBC solution January 2021
The new team also costs little more than 6,000 coins. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Original Announcement: 80+ Player Selection SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

80+ player choice SBC

  • Price: just under 6,000 coins
  • Expiration: December 29

This challenge will cost you about 6,000 coins if you buy all eight players on the transfer market. However, since the requirements are quite low, you can easily complete the challenge with non-exchangeable players from the club.

You need 8 players (at least gold, at least two of them rare) and a chemistry value of 45 - sounds doable, right? The cheapest solution is to play in Russia's first league, where none of the required players costs more than 900 coins.

In the end, you have the choice between a total of three players with a total value of 80 or more. Among them, as always in FUT 21, there can be some absolute losers.

With a bit of luck, you'll also be able to pick up cards that are worth many times the coins you've invested. Cristiano Ronaldo or Raphael Varane from RTTF Team 3, for example - for 6,000 coins? That's worth the risk to us.

The cheapest 80+ player choice SBC solution in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.
This team costs just under 6,000 coins on the transfer market. (Image credit: EA Sports)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.