The replacement for Ultimate Scream?

FIFA 21 Rulebreakers: A New Promo Starts on Friday

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Rulebreakers Promo-Leak

What is behind the new FIFA 21 promo? (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will receive a new promotional event on October 23. EA Sports has teased the new FUT-Promo on Twitter but didn't reveal the full name. Fans and miners are sure that the event is about the FIFA 21 Rulebreakers but what's behind it?

The new FUT 21 Promo will start on October 23 under the name FIFA 21 Rulebreakers. While both OTW teams will be in card packs for another week, brand new special items will be waiting for us in the "Rulebreakers". What's behind it?

The FIFA 21 Rulebreakers are Coming

One week until Halloween, FIFA fans have been hoping for a return of the Ultimate Scream promo from last year. We remember: In FIFA 20, EA Sports gave us some greatly improved players with the Scream cards, which could be used on other positions thanks to rating boosts, and were even a strong option until 2021.

There was a Scream Toni Kroos, who was finally playable thanks to 75 tempo (compared to 45 tempo with his Gold card) or a Scream Piqué – also with a good tempo boost. However, there seems to be no Ultimate Scream promo this year, as the Rulebreakers will start on October 23. What is it all about?

Will Rulebreakers Replace Ultimate Scream From Last Year?

We don't know exactly yet, but the developers might release another teaser for the starting FUT-promo this evening. It only makes sense that the Rulebreakers are improved cards from players who... well... don't always quite follow the rules.

Hotheads like Pepe, Richarlison, Sergio Ramos, Arturo Vidal, or "the biter" Luis Suarez would be possible candidates. But make a complete promo out of them? Hm. The FIFA 21-Rulebreakers-Promo should last another two weeks and involve two special teams. In addition, numerous SBC and objective players are considered likely, but until we know for sure, we will have to wait until Friday evening. It is possible that the Rulebreakers will also include a "Resurrects" team, which would also fit into the not fully leaked name. And here we are again with the Halloween theme. The possibilities are there.

The FIFA 21 Rulebreakers will start on October 23 at 19:00 CEST, so it might be a good idea to save your rival rewards until Friday evening and not open the packs before.

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