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FIFA 21 Robert Lewandowski Bundesliga POTM SBC Solution

Fifa 21 bundesliga potm robert lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski's best FIFA 21 card yet is not really worth it. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

Robert Lewandowski has forgotten how not to score goals. The Bayern striker has been bagging them in bunches for years, but he is out of his mind in 2020. Real shame there won't be a Ballon d'Or winner this year. Lewa was unsurprisingly selected as the Bundesliga Player of the Month (POTM) for October and gets a fitting FIFA Ultimate Team SBC. Yet, it is not that valuable. Why?

Robert Lewandowski is the second Bundesliga Player of the Month for the season. He succeeds Andrej Kramarić, who was voted top performer in September. Despite amazing stats, the Robert Lewandowski Bundesliga POTM SBC is not really that good an investment. Let's find out why!

The FIFA 21 Robert Lewandowski Bundesliga POTM SBC Card

  • Position: ST
  • Nation: Poland
  • League: Bundesliga
  • Team: Bayern München
  • OVR: 93
  • Weak Foot: 4 stars
  • Special Moves: 4 stars
  • Price: approx. 300,000 coins
  • Expiry: December 20

Robert Lewandowski's POTM card has what you'd expect from a special card of the best striker in football. High values for shooting and dribbling are complimented by a still decent pace and strong physical stats. Even the price of around 300,000 coins isn't what brings the card's status down. At least not on its own.

Since Lewandowski already has high stats even in his Gold version and he has a TOTW 2 card, the POTM edition is simply not good trade for your coins. The upgrades from the In-Form are barely worth mentioning - one point in pace, shooting, and physique. For that otherworldly stat boost, you must pay twice as much as you'd have to pay for TOTW Lewandowski. The math simply isn't there.

The Cheapest Solution

To get the new version of Robert Lewandowski, you have to trade in three squads:

  • Min. one Bayern München player, min. 85 OVR, min. 80 chemistry
  • Min. one TOTW player, min. 85 OVR, min. 75 chemistry
  • Min. one Bundesliga player, min. 86 OVR, min. 70 chemistry

Team 1

You'll have to spare just under 85,000 coins for the first team, in which Kingsley Coman meets the Bayern requirement. The rest of the team is from the Italian Serie A.

Bundesliga potm lewandowski bayern muenchen sbc

Ten Serie A boiz and Kingsley Coman. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2

Team 2 costs about the same as the first one. This time we will use a team from the English Premier League. We use the TOTW card of goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski, as well as three Bundesliga players on the left side of defense and midfield.

Bundesliga potm lewandowski top form sbc

A Bundesliga trio on the left side completes this EPL-themed roster. (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 3

At around 125,000 coins, this is the most expensive of the three squads, in which Raphaël Guerreiro and Axel Witsel, also present in team 2, are again used. They are joined by goalkeeper Roman Bürki. We're back to the Italian Serie A to meet the chemistry requirements.

Bundesliga potm lewandowski bundesliga sbc

Two out of three Bundesliga players are back, this time partnered with the Serie A. (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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