Champions League excitement coming to FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Road to the Final Launches Tomorrow

Fifa 21 rttf

We don't get a break. Road to the Final is on! (Image Credit: EA Sports)

A new FIFA 21 event is brewing. The Halloween event Rulebreakers is almost behind us and by the time those cards expire, new ones will take their place. The Road to the Final is on!

On Friday, November 6 EA Sports launch the FIFA 21 Road to the Final (RTTF) event in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). The Champions League and Europa League event succeeds the Rulebreakers and is expected to deliver more strong cards to the FUT market.

FIFA 21 Road to the Final

The Rulebreakers event was a freah breath of air around Halloween. With its expiry this Friday, EA Sports are ready to launch the next big FIFA 21 promo. It's the all too familiar Road to the Final which specializes in cards inspired by the Champions League and Europa League. It is still unclear whether the latter will be included in the event, but it was last season and we assume that will again be the case this one.

RTTF cards are similar to Ones To Watch cards in that they are also dynamc - they can improve their stats if their team does well. Kingsley Coman & Leon Goretzka's cards last season landed on a 95 OVR after Bayern München's Champions League win. They both started at 86 OVR. See the benefits?

Well, there are also negatives, because these cards get to those astronomical figures very late into the season. It is often a long-term investment that might or might not pay out.

When Are FIFA 21 Road to the Final Cards Coming?

The first Road to the Final team in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will be available in packs on November 6 at 19:00 CET. There's no information on who the players included in that first team are going to be. The only teaser we've gotten so far is the inclusion of Real Madrid midfielder Isco as a Squad Building Challenge.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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