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The 6 most important improvements

FIFA 21: PS5 vs PS4 – The Most Important Next-Gen Innovations

Joao Felix in the next-gen version of FIFA 21 We draw the comparison between PS5 and PS4
The next-gen update of FIFA 21 is here. Is the game really better? (Image Credit: EA Sports)

The next-gen update for FIFA 21 is finally here. The sports game was released for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X on December 3. We take a closer look at FIFA 21 on PS5 and tell you what new features you can expect compared to the old PS4 version.

Since the end of last week, FIFA 21 has its own next-gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X. After we already presented the most important improvements to you, we want to do a direct comparison: What's really new in FIFA 21 on PS5? Does it play even better than on PS4?

1. New Intro with Next-Gen Graphics

Those playing FIFA 21 for the first time will be invited to a show match between Liverpool FC and Paris Saint-Germain. This intro game is also available in FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5, but unlike the PS4 version, a brand-new intro sequence introduces the game, which focuses on the graphical improvements of the next-gen version.

2. Improved Graphics

FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X has improved noticeably in terms of graphics. Especially the lighting effects, faces of well-known players, and the hair look much more realistic.

New effects are nice to look at, but what really stands out is the improved performance of FIFA 21. On the next-gen consoles, the game comes to life even in higher 4K resolution and with constant 60 frames per second, which improves the gaming experience noticeably.


3. Almost No Loading Time

The fast SSD hard disk of the PlayStation 5 is currently perhaps the most exciting feature of the next-gen console. Thanks to the higher transfer speeds, loading times are becoming (almost completely) a thing of the past. You will also notice this when playing the PS5 version of FIFA 21:

While the game on PlayStation 4 needs much more time to load into the game, on the PS5 you enter the field in under two seconds. We just might miss the training mini-games that have so far bridged the loading times.

4. Big Goal Moments

It's a well-known fact: You are approaching the 80-minute mark of the game at a score of 1:1. Will you still manage to score the decisive goal and win the game? It's good that you have some strong super subs on the bench that could turn the game around.

Last-second decisive goals are now even better-showcased thanks to the new "Big Goal Moments" from FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X and feature brand new cheers that capture all the drama on the pitch.

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Next Gen - New Late Winner Celebration from FIFA

5. New Camera Perspective: the Gamecam

FIFA 21 starts on the PS5 with an unusual new camera perspective, the so-called "Gamecam". It is positioned closer to the pitch and dynamically follows the action on it. This looks quite impressive, but offers far less overview than the classic camera perspectives - luckily, these can still be adjusted in the menu.

Real Madrid players cheer for a goal in FIFA 21 on PS5
The new gamecam is even closer to the action. (Image credit: EA Sports)

6. Haptic Feedback Thanks to DualSense Controller

So far, all the innovations of the next-generation version have been applicable to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Let's get to the most important unique selling point of the PS5 version, thanks to the innovative DualSense controller.

FIFA 21 uses the haptic feedback of the gamepad, which provided some impressive wow moments in our test. Although this doesn't go quite as far in FIFA as in other games, it certainly adds to the game feeling. This starts with differentiated vibrations, depending on whether you hit the goal with your left or right foot, and ranges from feedback when tackling to noticeable player fatigue:

As your player's stamina dwindles, the R2 button will have additional resistance for sprints thanks to the adaptive triggers and will be harder to press.

FIFA 21 on PS5 vs PS4: Our Conclusion

FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S represents notable progress, especially on the technical side. Improved lighting and more detailed player models add to the atmosphere. On the pitch, the optimized performance provides a smooth gaming experience, while the innovations of the DualSense controller give you a better feel of the game.

However, the developers have not made any changes to the actual gameplay with the PS5 version, so our criticism from the test of the PS4 version remains.

Nevertheless, FIFA 21 on PS5 is clearly superior to the last-gen version, and because you don't have to pay a cent for the upgrade thanks to the Dual Entitlement you should definitely use the new version. For FIFA 22 we really wish for the quantum leap, which was missing this year - probably due to a lack of time.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.