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FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Tips & Tricks: Player Setup, Tactics & Formations

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs
Summer is coming and it's time for Pro Clubs. (Credit: EA)

Pro Clubs is a popular multiplayer mode in FIFA 21. Especially towards the end of the game's cycle, players will increasingly play Pro Clubs instead of Ultimate Team. In this article, we will provide you with all the tips and tricks regarding lineups, tactics, skill points and how you should set up your Pro.

In this article, we will explain which tactics, formations and instructions are overpowered in Pro Clubs. Additionally, we explain how to distribute your skill points in the smartest way and which physical settings are the best.

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What is FIFA 21 Pro Clubs?

Pro Clubs is an 11 vs. 11 multiplayer game mode in FIFA 21, where each player can only control a single player on the pitch. The Pro can be cosmetically modified by choosing facial features, hair or shoes individually. By playing and performing well, you can constantly improve your Pro.

How Tall and How Heavy Should My Pro Be?

You should always adapt your Pro to the current FIFA meta, i.e. the player should be small, light and fast. We recommend keeping your player under 1.75 m. This applies to any outfield position except for center back. If you really want to go all in, make the player 1.62 m and 45 kg for maximum aerodynamics.

How Do You Get Skill Points in FIFA 21 Pro Clubs?

Skill points are obtained automatically, you don't have to perform any special tasks for them. The system is probably based on the number of completed or played games. Sometimes you get points even though you were sent off with a red card.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Player Attributes
Make your pro short and light if he's an attacker. (Credit: EA)

How Do I Distribute the Skill Points?

Always apply the skill points right away and start with the pace attributes first. Once pace is fully leveled, it depends on the position of your pro and your personal playing style. For all attacking positions, skill moves and flair are important. You can level those up via Dribbling. The Second Wind trait is also recommended. After the 75th minute of the game, if you are losing, your pro will get additional stamina, which you can use to turn the tide of the match around.

Pro Clubs: Best Lineups and Instructions

The best Pro Club formations are 4-1-2-1-2 (2), 5-3-2, and 3-5-2, which are formations that form a triangle on offense between the striker and the attacking midfielder and have no wide midfielders. So, as a left or right striker, you can demand the ball straight from the full backs and then link up with the surging midfield in the middle. Full backs and defensive midfielders should be instructed to stay back. CDMs should also cover the middle.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Player Traits
Player Traits are assigned through Skill Points. (Credit: EA)

Pro Clubs: Should You Control the Bots Yourself?

We recommend letting bots play on their own. This way, each pro can play to his strengths. The bots usually defends pretty well. You just have to be careful not to ask for risky balls in the build-up to the game, because that can cause annoying mistakes. It's very difficult to control the entire squad yourself, so unless you're a top 100 FIFA 21 player, then let the bots handle their business.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Jonas Sohns.