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Getting the PlayStation FIFA Kit is cheap

FIFA 21: PlayStation Exclusive Kit SBC

PlayStation FC Kit FC FIFA 21: The full kit
Uhm... this PlayStation FC really shouldn't be out there hitting any Fashion Weeks anytime soon... (Credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 SBCs are nothing new to any FIFA player, but a PlayStation exclusive kit SBC sure is. We have the cheapest solution for the new FUT kit to ensure you're looking dapper while losing in the Weekend League.

If you're tired of doing overly expensive player SBCs and you own a PlayStation, then this PlayStation exclusive kit SBC kit for you. If not, then check out these player SBCs:

Good? Now let's look at the PlayStation FC kit, the PS exclusive Squad Building Challenge with the iconic triangle, square, circle and, of course, X:

PlayStation FC SBC 

You only need one squad to complete one squad for the PlayStation FC kit and its requirements are fairly simple:

  • Minimum 3 clubs in squad
  • Minimum 2 nationalities in squad
  • Minimum 1 Gold player in the squad
  • Minimum chemistry of 30
FIFA 21 PlayStation Kit SBC Challenge Squad
Yeah, the PlayStation Kit SBC is a lot cheaper than your normal SBC. (Credit: Futbin)

At around 3000 coins, the PS FC SBC is not particularly expensive. If you wanna be decked out in your PlayStation's symbols, then, by all means, go for it. From a fashion point of view though... We're not exactly sure this is it. Might be fun to stunt on Xbots with it though. 

Still, a cheap SBC to tide you over until TOTS arrives is nothing to complain about.

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