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FIFA 21 Patch 1.18: Input Overlay & Buenos Aires Data Center

FIFA 21 Title Update 1.18
Online connection improvements in the new FIFA 21 patch. (Credit: EA Sports)

A new FIFA 21 update is available for download. On April 5, EA Sports released Update 1.18, which mainly addresses connection problems and puts a new data center in Buenos Aires into operation.

The latest FIFA 21 update is not a classic patch: Update 1.18 mainly improves the online connection quality and adds some in-game options.

FIFA 21 Update 1.18 - What's in the Patch?

Patch 1.18 for FIFA 21 is available for download on all platforms: PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Instead of gameplay changes, the update focuses on improving the background.

FIFA 21 Update 1.18 improves the "Online Gameplay Responsiveness" - the online connection of the game. In the patch notes the developers talk about the new data center in Buenos Aires and the improvements of the server in Miami, all of which you can read on the EA website.

FIFA 21 Patch 1.18 Input Overlay
The input overlay shows you the registered button presses. (Credit: EA Sports)

Much more interesting is the input overlay that the developers introduced with Title Update 1.18. This is now available to all players:

  • A display at the top of the screen reveals which button presses are registered during a game and how long it takes for the signal to be sent to the server and back again.
  • EA Sports remind us that there is an option in the pause menu of an online game to immediately report poor connection quality.

If there are connection problems, a message helps the developers to react faster to potential errors and to improve the general quality.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.