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FIFA 21 Party Bag SBC Solution (UPDATED)

Fut wundertuete sbc party bag

Let's get this party started! (Credit: EA Sports)

Do you like surprises? We do. So do EA! The new FIFA 21 Party Bag SBC is on and it can give you a great scoop or a bitter disappointment. Much like life itself, isn't it? We have the cheapest solution.

At the tail end of the Future Stars FUT event, EA Sports are releasing a Party Bag SBC. What's a party bag SBC? We'll explain and we'll show you how to solve it.

FIFA 21: Player Ratings and Chemistry Styles

Update from February 19

The FUT Goodie Bag Is Back

Surprisingly, the popular FUT grab bag returned on February 18. Nothing has changed in the requirements, only the cheapest team now looks a little different. For around 112,000 coins you will get the following team, which is required to complete the SBC.

The requirements:

  • IF players (TOTW): at least 2
  • Team Rating: 84 OVR
  • Team chemistry: at least 75
Fut future stars wundertuete

Sets up Sebastián Coates & Roman Yaremchuk as inform cards. (Credit: FUTBIN)

What Is a FUT Party Bag SBC?

The Party Bag SBC is super fun because it gives you the opportunity to win a card from past events, most of which are now either unavailable or very expensive. Ones To Watch, Rulebreakers, Road To The Final, Record Breakers, etc.

This particular SBC costs around 120,000 coins. If you are lucky, you can pull off Future Stars Bukayo Saka and save 2.7 million coins. If you are not, you may end up with an untradeable scrub. Ah, gambling for children. You gotta love it!

The Cheapest Solution

The current FUT Wonder Bag SBC only runs for a couple of days, until February 18. If you want to complete it, you better be quick.

  • Min. two TOTW players, min. 84 OVR, min. 75 chemistry

First, be sure to check if you have any untradable players in your club. This way you can further reduce the price of the SBC. Otherwise, this team will cost you around 120,000 coins. A large part of it comes from the French Ligue 1. Andrei Girotto and Marcelo are the TOTW players. RB Leipzig GK Péter Gulásci and an Argentine trio of Banega, Ocampos and Higuain complete the team.

Fut future stars party bag sbc loesung

Use your untradeable players first, if you have any. (Credit: FUTBIN)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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