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FIFA 21 Marcel Sabitzer TOTY Honorable Mentions SBC Solution

Toty honourable mention marcel sabitzer sbc

Marcel Sabitzer is great, yet expensive. (Credit: EA Sports)

The FIFA 21 TOTY is the gift that keeps on giving. There's plenty of stuff to be excited about outside of the regular eleven. The Marcel Sabitzer TOTY Honorable Mention SBC is among those goods. We have the cheapest solution.

EA Sports published some FIFA 21 TOTY Honorable Mentions over the weekend. Marcel Sabitzer is among the players rewarded with such a card, but he does come at a high price.

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The FIFA 21 Marcel Sabitzer TOTY Honorable Mentions SBC Card

  • Position: CM
  • Nation: Austria
  • League: Bundesliga
  • Team: RB Leipzig
  • OVR: 88
  • Weak Foot: 4 stars
  • Skill Moves: 3 stars
  • Prize: approx. 550,000 coins
  • Expiry: February 7

FIFA 21 Marcel Sabitzer TOTY Honorable Mentions SBC Stats

Two points of defense keep Marcel Sabitzer from joining the Gullit Gang (players with 80+ stats in every category), but even if he doesn't exactly join the club, Sabitzer is still an all-rounder by every definition of the word.

With the Powerhouse chemistry style, the Austrian has a value of 93 and of course is now eligible for the Gullit Gang. As great as that is, you can get Prime Icons for 550,000 coins, which makes this SBC's return less than its worth.

Toty honourable mention marcel sabitzer card

Marcel Sabitzer doesn't have a weak spot in his game. (Credit: FUTBIN)

The Cheapest Solution

Three teams with outrageous requirements need to be handed in for Marcel Sabitzer:

  • Min. one RB Leipzig, min. 84 OVR, min. 75 chemistry
  • Min. one TOTW player, min. 86 OVR, min. 65 chemistry
  • Min. one Bundesliga player, min. 87 OVR, min. 55 chemistry

Team 1

Goalkeeper Péter Gulásci serves as an RB Leipzig player in a team that is fueled by a Borussia Dortmund core. This is by far the cheapest squad, yet it still costs a good 62,000 coins.

Toty honourable mention marcel sabitzer rb leipzig

Borussia Dortmund's failures in the Bundesliga don't stand in the way of their players solving our SBC. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2

Here it gets much more expensive with around 205,000 coins. Hoffenheim's Andrej Kramarić serves as both the In-Form player and as a link to Luka Modrić in a mostly La Liga side.

Toty honourable mention marcel sabitzer top form

Low chemistry allows us to slot two non-related players in the lower corners. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 3

The high rating of the 300,000 squad is maintained with goalkeepers, as usual. Julian Brandt and another one of our expensive players - Joshua Kimmich, represent the Bundesliga.

Toty honourable mention marcel sabitzer bundesliga

As always with these extremely expensive teams, we reach out for goalkeepers to bring the OVR up. (Credit: FUTBIN)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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