October Player of the Month in Spain

FIFA 21 La Liga POTM Oyarzabal SBC Solution

FIFA 21 La Liga POTM Oyarzabal SBC

Oyarzabal is La Liga's Player of the Month of October. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

Oyarzabal was named Player of the Month for October in the Spanish La Liga. His strong POTM card is now available in FUT mode. We provide you the cheapest FIFA 21 La Liga POTM Oyarzabal SBC solution.

Oyarzabal from surprise team Real Sociedad succeeds Ansu Fati as La Liga player of the month. Again, a left-winger, again from Spain - but is he stronger?

Quick Facts аbout La Liga POTM Oyazarbal

  • Position: RF
  • Nation: Spain
  • Liga: La Liga
  • OVR: 88
  • Week Foot: 3 Stars
  • Special Skill: 3 Stars
  • Cost: about 57,000 Coins
  • Expiry: December 4

Is the La Liga POTM Oyarzabal Card Worth It?

The new special card of Oyarzabal is point equal with the Belgian Eden Hazard, who takes the first place of all the left-wing players in the Spanish La Liga. What the Spaniard lacks in speed (86), he makes up for with high shot and pass values.

Not quite as agile as Hazard, but he is better at flanking and more dangerous on goal. No matter if he’s the one to make all the assists with Engine Chemistry Style or as a goal scorer with Hunter: La Liga POTM Oyarzabal looks good and gets 91-92 OVR on his position. For the price, the card is definitely worth its money.

La Liga POTM Oyarzabal

A 92 Wing-spiker for under 60,000 Coins? #Worth! (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

La Liga POTM Oyarzabal SBC Solution

Altogether only one team must be handed in for the Spaniard, which makes the SBC with a price of approximately 57,000 coins a legitimately good deal:

  • Team with a player from the La Liga (85 OVR, at least 50 chemistry)

Team 1: Mikel Oyarzabal

This time we decided to use a hybrid team from the Bundesliga and Premier League to ensure that the chemistry requirements are met. Eriksen and Lukaku from Inter Milan will play in the center, while goalkeeper Aitor (or another player from the La Liga with at least 83 OVR) will meet the league requirement.

La Liga POTM Oyarzabal

With this Hybrid-Team made out of 3 Leagues (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

With La Liga POTM Oyarzabal you will secure a strong winger from the Spanish premier league, who will certainly be able to stay in your team until the Team of the Year at the end of the year. And even then, it will be difficult to find such a strong alternative at that price.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.


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