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Chicharito has entered the penalty area

FIFA 21 Javier Hernández Flashback SBC Solution

FIFA 21 Javier Hernandez Flashback SBC Solution
Chicharito is back to prowl the penalty area. (Credit: EA Sports)

Javier Hernández was a nightmare for defenders in Europe for many years. With his new FIFA 21 Flashback SBC, EA Sports celebrates his goalscoring prowess while playing for Bayer Leverkusen in the German Bundesliga. It is a cheap SBC, but is it worth doing? Our solution reveals it.

If your team was playing against Javier Hernández a few years back, you just knew your squad would concede a cheeky goal at some point in the match. The Javier Hernández FIFA 21 Flashback SBC reflects that very well, but is the card any good for FUT?

The FIFA 21 Javier Hernández Flashback SBC Card

  • Position: ST
  • Nation: Mexico
  • League: MLS
  • Team: LA Galaxy
  • OVR: 89
  • Weak Foot: 3 stars
  • Skill Moves: 3 stars
  • Price: approx. 90,000 coins
  • Expiry: March 30

Flashback Javier Hernández is a good card to get for such a cheap price. That is if you have someone to link him with. Have Player Moments Jonathan dos Santos on your FUT squad already? Then great, do this SBC. If not, then perhaps you should fold your hand.

FIFA 21 Javier Hernandez Flashback SBC Stats
Javier Hernández isn't the most skillful striker, but for less than 100,000 coins, might as well. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Playing in the MLS would hurt Chicharito's stock in most scenarios, but if that isn't an issue, the card is truly gorgeous. The Marksman chemistry style raises his OVR to 93, yet we would personally go for Hawk as that 84 sprint speed does need a boost.

FIFA 21 Javier Hernández Flashback SBC Cheapest Solution

Two teams are required for Flashback Javier Hernández:

  • Min. one Mexican player, min. 80 OVR, min. 80 chemistry
  • Min. one Bundesliga player, min. one TOTW player, min. 83 OVR, min. 75 chemistry

Team 1: Rising Star

The first team for the Javier Hernández Flashback SBC costs pennies due to the very low OVR. For just about 15,000 coins, you can build this squad made up almost entirely of La Liga players. Mexico captain Andrés Guardado fulfills the nation's requirement.

FIFA 21 Javier Hernandez Flashback SBC Team 1
First team barely cracks 15,000 coins. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2: League Finesse

The second team for the Hernández Flashback SBC solution is naturally more expensive because the OVR rises by three points. Still, our German backline gives us enough chemistry for us to be able to maneuver around cheaper stars from the MLS and add Éver Banega. The receipt should then be 75,000 coins.

FIFA 21 Javier Hernandez Flashback SBC Team 2
Our German back four opens up cheaper options upfront. (Credit: FUTBIN)

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