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A new position for the Englishman

FIFA 21 Jadon Sancho Bundesliga POTM SBC Solution

FIFA 21 Jadon Sancho Bundesliga POTM SBC Solution
Jadon Sancho's position change does not do his stock any good. (Credit: EA Sports)

Borussia Dortmund's Jadon Sancho is the Bundesliga Player of the Month for February 2021, which means FIFA 21 fans can expect a new POTM card from the Englishman in FUT. It's a very good investment, so just follow our SBC solution.

Bundesliga POTM Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund) has a total value of 89 OVR and costs almost two million coins less than his counterpart from France - POTM Kylian Mbappé. Is a card that cheap even worth it? See our SBC solution and find out!

Bundesliga POTM Jadon Sancho

  • Position: LM
  • Nation: England
  • League: Bundesliga
  • Team: Borussia Dortmund
  • OVR: 89
  • Weak Foot: 3 stars
  • Skill Moves: 5 stars
  • Price: approx. 165,000 coins
  • Expiry: April 16

Due to the change of position from right to left midfield, Sancho loses some appeal. There are significantly more options on the left within the Bundesliga than on the right. The 3-star weak foot doesn't help either. Nevertheless, for the price of just under 165,000 coins, the card is quite respectable.

In direct comparison with his Record Breakers card, Sancho has improved physically and in terms of passing. However, the POTM variant also loses five points in shooting. The Hunter chemistry style deals with that. All in all, a good, relatively cheap card.

FIFA 21 Jadon Sancho Bundesliga POTM SBC Stats
Sancho's stats are very good. It's just that there are better options. (Credit: FUTBIN)

If you are willing to spend a little more, you have much better options in the Bundesliga, such as Future Stars Szoboszlai or What If Grifo.

Bundesliga POTM Jadon Sancho SBC Solution

For the POTM card of Jadon Sancho you have to trade two teams:

  • Min. one Borussia Dortmund player, min. 83 OVR, min. 70 chemistry
  • Min. one Bundesliga player, min. one TOTW player, min. 84 OVR, min. 65 chemistry

Team 1: Borussia Dortmund

At just under 35,000 coins, the first SBC team is not expensive at all. BVB keeper Roman Bürki fulfills the team requirement. Four other Bundesliga players are used with a quartet from the CSL completing the lineup.

FIFA 21 Jadon Sancho Bundesliga POTM SBC Team 1
The CSL provides the attack force for team 1. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2: Bundesliga

Around 130,000 coins are allotted to the second team. This one comes mainly from the Italian Serie A. Use RB Leipzig goalkeeper Péter Gulácsi as a Bundesliga player and Mario Pašalic from the current TOTW 25 as the required In-Form card.

FIFA 21 Jadon Sancho Bundesliga POTM SBC Team 2
Mario Pašalic is the In-Form card we've gone for. (Credit: FUTBIN)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.