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One of the most frustrating things we've seen in FIFA gameplay

FIFA 21 Invisible Goalkeeper Glitch Will Make You Go Mad

FIFA 21 Invisible Goalkeeper Glitch
The invisible goalkeeper is out there, lurking, waiting. (Credit: EA Sports)

Scoring a goal in FIFA 21 is not necessarily difficult in most cases, because - let's be honest - the goalkeepers rarely present us with serious problems. It gets much trickier when the keepers become invisible, which is the case with a new FIFA 21 glitch.

A new glitch in FIFA 21 causes trouble: Thanks to an "invisible goalkeeper", perfectly legitimate goals are not registered by the game.

What is the FIFA 21 Invisible Goalkeeper Glitch?

Last weekend, Reddit user "Listen_Lopsided" came across a bizarre bug. During one of his team's attacks, the opposing goalkeeper was soundly beaten and the ball landed clearly behind the goal line, yet the goal did not register, because the goalkeeper was invisible.

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Naturally, the FIFA player is not very enthusiastic about this new "invisible goalkeeper glitch".

As if by magic, the ball suddenly jumps back in front of the line, while the keeper gets caught on the post when trying to clear the ball. It's unclear exactly what happened in this situation and why the goal didn't count, but it's bloody annoying.

Ahh yes... Second invisible GK unlocked from FIFA

Commenters on Reddit say the obvious: this is a pretty big, extremely frustrating bug to deal with and EA Sports should do what's necessary to get rid of it asap.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.