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FIFA 21 Headliner Promo This Friday?!


FIFA 21 Headliners Promo – We won't have to wait long for this event!

Is the FIFA 21 Headliner Promo coming this Friday? It certainly looks that way!

The Headliner Promo usually comes out mid-late January, has been for the past two years, but this time, FIFA 21 says: nope, 2020 sucked, we want to start 2021 with a bang and so get that Headliner Promo on January 1, 2021!

Where do we get this impression from? Well, the HD Design for the cards has been found in the database and that indicates them coming earlier than we expected.

The design looks freaking amazing! (via Twitter)

If you’re a little Sherlock Holmes, then maybe you noticed that the Headliners have actually been in the database for a couple of weeks now, but because people expected them to drop after TOTY, everyone focused more on that…

…which was the wrong way round. Because Headliners will apparently come first this time.

In case of FIFA 21 being your first FIFA, let’s take a few steps back real quick.


What Is the Headliners Promo?

The Headliners Promo has actually been around since FIFA 19 and is an event that is centered on players that have shown excellent performance during the season.

The most important thing to know is that Headliner Cards will always have an additional +1 compared to their other cards. As an example: the highest card of a player is an 86, the Headliner Card would then be an 87. If the highest card of that player rises to an 87, then the Headliner would also get a +1 again and would be an 88.

The players that are usually on the list of Headliners are the really popular players (in FIFA 19, it was Son and Sane, for example).

Since there have been a few changes in the Headliners Promo from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20, we can expect yet another number of changes to happen for the Headliners Promo in FIFA 21.


Which players will make it into the Headliners Promo? No idea, but since the last two years haven’t been disappointing in terms of players, we bet that we won’t be disappointed this year either.

What do you think? Will Headliners actually drop on January 1? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. EarlyGame always loves to hear from you!

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