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FIFA 21 has been out for over a month now and we’ve had enough time to play around with different players, tactics, and formations.

EA Sports stated that they would make gameplay great again and, to a point, they kept their promise. At least in the sense that the meta is no longer purely limited to running around like headless chickens.

Even then, the pace remains such an overwhelming part of any team’s success rate that oftentimes a simple 90-rated pace stat can turn a player from a bum to a star.

This is almost exclusively the case with our picks of the top 5 overpowered FIFA 21 players: The common trait is definitely pace.

The things that truly make our majestic five stand out though, are the complimentary ratings. Whether it be dribbling and shooting upfront or defense and physicality at the back– these dudes have it.

Yet, if you look at just their OVR rating and their price, you’d probably think they’re not good enough. Well, dear viewer, allow us to surprise you!


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