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FIFA 21 FUT – 4 Beginner Mistakes You Have to Avoid!


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Every year, EA provides us with the latest offshoot of the FIFA series. About one month ago FIFA 21 was finally released, which convinced critics with numerous gameplay innovations and adaptations and is better than its unpopular predecessor. In addition to new player AI, agile dribbling and the return of headers & crosses to the meta, there are numerous new features that are designed to delight football fans in the video game world.

In FIFA Ultimate Team you can now design your own team's stadium, which you can completely customize with completely new options. But of course, this is all rather marginal. For weeks now, the FIFA community has been busy with one thing only: the FIFA-Ultimate Mode. Which players are the best, how do I put together my team in terms of chemistry and OVR, and how do I quickly earn coins to improve my squad?

In addition, there are all the special cards and special events that EA updates regularly on the servers. An Isco in the RTTF version or Jason Denayer as rulebreaker? What does that even mean? Questions upon questions that can easily slay the newcomer to the FUT mode in Zidane headbutt fashion. After all, Ultimate Team has been the core content of the game and the absolute top class of FIFA modes for years.

Whoever dares to come here for the first time may be completely overwhelmed with SBC'S, team compositions, or weekend leagues. Often beginners then do things that they later regret and unfortunately can't undo, even though they are actually quite passable FIFA players. But there are a few tricks that every budding FIFA Ultimate Team professional should be aware of before plunging into the world of coins and card packs and, above all, before completely looting Mom's credit card.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, one's own FIFA skills are only half the story, as some have found out the hard way. The following beginner mistakes are typical for newcomers to the FUT mode, which you should avoid at all costs. Let's get started!

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