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FIFA 21 – Differences Between PS5 & PS4 Version EXPLAINED


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FIFA 21 is out. The PlayStation 5 is out, but FIFA 21 for PlayStation 5 is not...

What the hell is up with that? You can technically play FIFA 21 on the PS5 already, but the version available now is not the version intended for the next-gen platform. The next-gen will have some of that good-looking spice that reminds you of the few hundred dollars you just threw at Sony.

To make you feel better about your wallet, the upgraded PS5 version is going to include a bunch of new features and improvements. Most of them are graphical because it would have been frigging weird if they weren’t. It’s a bloody new generation of consoles, for microtransactions’ sake.

But there are some non-graphics related tunings as well: Besides the visuals, EA Sports will try to bring realism to the game with the new dynamic reactions package. That way, your players, bench, coaching staff, etc. will react accordingly to what in the bloody hell is going on on the pitch. Score a late winner? Everyone will go nuts. Screw up a one-on-one with the keeper? Your mates will let you know exactly what they think about yo mama.

The super special awesome DualSense controller will not go to waste either, but... that’s enough about that here. I’m way too lazy to write a full synopsis, so if you wanna know all the changes that are coming, you could, ya know, watch the video or something. Bye!

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