The late great footballer passed away yesterday

EA Sports Honor Diego Maradona in FIFA 21

Fifa21 diego maradona tribute

Diego Maradona was honored by FIFA 21 developer EA Sports. (Image credit: EA Sports)

The footballing world is in mourning after the news that one of the greatest to play the beautiful game, Diego Armando Maradona, passed away at age 60. EA Sports reacted immediately by honoring the great Argentinian with commemorative additions within FIFA 21.

Diego Armando Maradona - a man known around the world - has tragically died at the age of 60 at the hands of heart failure. In response, EA Sports updated FIFA 21 with items in his memory.

Diego Maradona Passes at Age 60 – EA Honor Him in FIFA 21

The death of Diego Maradona sent the world of football into deep mourning. A part of history was lost with the passing of one the greatest footballers of the 20th century. For the past 24 hours everyone connected to the game, in its real and virtual form, has expressed their appreciation for the Argentine's greatness and the sorrow his passing brings to the footballing world.

Fifa21 diego maradona ingame message

EA Sports honored Diego Maradona with in-game items and a 'Thank You' message. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Some have the power to make their appreciation of his legacy very visible – such as EA Sports. They were quick to follow the sad news with more than just condolences: As a tribute to Don Diego, EA added Stadium Tifos and the classic Argentina kits to every player's FUT club, alongside a 'Thank You' for the late legend.

We at EarlyGame would also like to extend our condolences to the Maradona family, his friends and to the millions upon millions of fans that are mourning his death.

Gracias, Don Diego!

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