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FIFA 21: David Beckham Announced as New FUT Icon (UPDATE)

David Beckham returns to the pitch in FIFA 21! From December Becks will be the new FUT 21 Icon.

David Beckham enters the pitch for the first time since FIFA 13! (Image Credit: EA Sports)

Eleven new icons await us in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Amongst the roster is English football legend David Beckham, who will celebrate his video game comeback, according to today's EA Sports announcement. Excitingly, it won’t just be lip service – he will be added to the squad of FUT 21 icons in the very near future!

EA Sports today announced a worldwide partnership with Beckham that will extend over several years. 'Becks' will return to the virtual soccer field for the first time since FIFA 13, and not just as an icon in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode!

December 3 Update

The David Beckham FIFA 21 Icon will be included in the game on the same date it launches on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S - December 4. A day prior, EA Sports have revealed the English star's in-game ratings.

The baby version of the Englishman is strangely placed in central midfield. While Becks has appeared in more of a central role here and there, it was never his primary position, which makes this choice quite puzzling. Regardless, it's a great card for FUT's purposes. An 87 OVR CM with no real weaknesses? Yes, thank you!

FIFA 21 David Beckham Icon Ratings

The three FIFA 21 David Beckham Icon cards. (Image credit: EA Sports)

We will get a proper RM David Beckham Icon card tomorrow after all. The 89-rated middle child of this Icon package puts the best crosser ever right where he belongs - on the wing. The ironic part is that due to his relatively low pace, Becks is not as appealing at his natural position in terms of FIFA 21. The pace is still not enough to throw us away from this card though.

Finally, we reach the pinnacle of the FIFA 21 David Beckham Icon package - the Prime Icon card! Calm down now, it's not coming yet. EA Sports are going to tease us by adding the best Beckham card to FUT at a later unknown date.

In a much better surprise, the publishers will present anyone that plays FIFA 21 before January 15, 2021 with a special non-exchangeable David Beckham card from his time at Real Madrid. We are speaking of his debut season at Santiago Bernabeu - 2003/04. The card has an 86 OVR rating and launches on December 15. It will act as a regular card, which means it will "only" provide links to Real Madrid, La Liga and English players.

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David Beckham in FUT 21 and VOLTA

David Beckham became English champion six times with Manchester United. In 2006/2007 he triumphed with Real Madrid in Spain’s first league, later followed by further titles in the USA and France.

Beckham is undoubtedly one of the best footballers of the 20th century and soon we will be able to replicate his talent in FIFA 21. As EA Sports announced today, they are entering into a multi-year partnership with the footballer. It looks like he won’t be going away any time soon!

His virtual return will, of course, be duly celebrated! Everyone who plays FIFA 21 until January 15, 2021, will receive a unique and irreplaceable David Beckham item for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and will receive ‘Becks’ as a ground breaker for the VOLTA mode. But it gets even better:

In December, David Beckham will expand the FIFA 21 Icons squad and thus represent as the twelfth new legend in the current series, next to Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger or Ashley Cole.

Beckham will also adorn the virtual FIFA 21 Standard Edition in both the Xbox and PlayStation Stores with his own cover over the holidays. Beckham reveals:

“I am so proud to finally return to EA Sports FIFA with my own cover of the FIFA 21 Beckham Edition. I’m looking forward to being back on the pitch with my old teammates as icons!”
FIFA 21 Beckham Edition - The virtual standard edition for PlayStation and Xbox

David Beckham gets his own FIFA 21 cover. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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