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FIFA 21 Daley Sinkgraven Objectives Solution

Fut 21 daley sinkgraven

Daley Sinkgraven is the best you can get at LB from the Bundesliga without breaking the bank. (Credit: EA Sports)

Strong FIFA 21 Bundesliga left backs don't grow on trees. That's why we should give the new Daley Sinkgraven Objectives some attention. The Bayer Leverkusen player comes for free after all.

You play with a Bundesliga team in FUT 21? Are you still using Alphonso Davies' gold card because his RTTF version is far too expensive? Then you should secure Dutchman Daley Sinkgraven from Bayer Leverkusen because all you have to do is complete five simple tasks.

Fifa 21 daley sinkgraven

Daley Sinkgraven's Objectives card can go up to 88 OVR with the Anchor chemistry style. (Credit: FUTBIN)

FIFA 21 Daley Sinkgraven Objectives

The young Dutchman has 91 speed, 88 dribbling, and 82 defense on his new Objectives card - strong values for a left back. With the Anchor Chemistry style, you can boost his defensive and physical values, which brings the Bayer Leverkusen player to an overall value of 88. Only RTTD Davies is better than that in the Bundesliga, but costs over 600,000 coins. Daley Sinkgraven, on the other hand, needs just a little bit of effort.

How to Get Daley Sinkgraven

Obtaining the card for your FUT team is requires some work. There are five tasks that need to be completed while using limited resources. Your squad's average OVR must be 77 or less! The tasks are:

  • Win 15 matches using only Bundesliga players in your starting 11.
  • Score 30 goals with Bundesliga players.
  • Assist 20 goals with Bundesliga players.
  • Assist with a cross using Bundesliga players in 4 separate matches.
  • Score a Finesse goal using Bundesliga players in 6 separate matches.

How to Get FIFA 21 Coins

All of this must be achieved within the Managerial Masterpiece friendly match mode. A way to play with a better squad than the 77 OVR suggests is to use some silver and bronze players on your bench, as it counts towards the squad OVR. This way starters can be of higher quality. Good luck!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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