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FIFA 21: Cheap Defenders with the Most Potential in Career Mode


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The new FIFA 21 has been keeping soccer fans all over the world busy for quite a few weeks now. Everyone is working hard on the best FIFA Ultimate teams and invests a lot of money for the best packs. In the latest offshoot of the FIFA series EA was able to deliver properly and silenced many critics. With numerous gameplay innovations, FIFA 21 convinces the soccer enthusiastic community and eliminates multiple weak points of the old game. Crosses and headers are once again a relevant means and with the revised Teammate- AI and the agile dribbling, you can make your offensive game even more varied.

Next to the VOLTA mode and the hotly discussed FIFA Ultimate Team, one mode often takes a back seat: The classic career mode. What used to be the core content of the game had received very little love from EA in older FIFA titles. After all, a large part of the EA income comes from the packs in FIFA FUT. But in FIFA 21, the career mode has received more attention again to provide an even better gaming experience. Besides the big point of active simulation, player development in particular has increasingly moved into the focus. Thanks to the new ‘sharpness’ value and the active training mode you can get the absolute maximum out of your players.

By creating training groups, you can specifically develop players to reach their full potential. If you want a team that has a bunch of good players for each position, you can breed possible backups and young talents here. This pays off especially in the area of defensive work. Young talents are a dime a dozen, but the individual support of FIFA is often missing. Thanks to the new features, you can now breed the next Virgil van Dijk or Sergio Ramos and turn your defense into an incredible stronghold of future superstars. In today's list we show you the 10 best young defensive talents in FIFA 21, who have an incredible potential. Let‘s go!

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