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FIFA 21 Bruno Fernandes Premier League POTM SBC Solution

Premier league potm december bruno fernandes

Bruno is the back-to-back Premier League POTM. (Credit: EA Sports)

Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United broke a Premier League record by being named Player of the Month for a fourth time in 2020. The December POTM receives an outstanding, and expensive, FIFA 21 SBC. We solve it for you.

Bruno Fernandes is back-to-back EPL Player of the Month, which helped him break the record of most such awards in a calendar year. We have the cheapest solution for this FIFA 21 POTM SBC, but even that hits the 1 million coins mark.

Top 3 Cards from FIFA 21 Headliners Team 2

The FIFA 21 Bruno Fernandes Premier League POTM SBC Card

  • Position: CAM
  • Nation: Portugal
  • League: Premier League
  • Team: Manchester United
  • OVR: 92
  • Weak Foot: 4 stars
  • Skill Moves: 4 stars
  • Price: approx. 1,065,000 coins
  • Expiry: February 15

For a million coins you're obviously getting an outstanding player. Whether you wish to throw that sort of dough at Bruno fernandes is entirely up to you and your capabilities. One thing is for sure: those that completed the Portuguese's November POTM aren't going to be thrilled. For the rest, there is our December POTM solution.

The Cheapest Solution

If you're still with us, then now's the time to tell you six teams are required for the Bruno Fernandes December POTM SBC. Still here? Ok, this is what you need to hand in:

  • Min. one Portuguese player, min. 84 OVR, min. 80 chemistry
  • Min. one Manchester United player, min. one TOTW player, min. 84 OVR, min. 75 chemistry
  • Min. one Premier League player, min. 85 OVR, min. 70 chemistry
  • Min. one TOTW player, min. 86 OVR, min. 65 chemistry
  • Min. one TOTW player, min. 87 OVR, min. 55 chemistry
  • Min. 88 OVR, min. 50 chemistry

Team 1

We need a Portuguese player, so we go to Primeira Liga to grab Pizzi and his Benfica teammate Jan Vertonghen. The rest of this 71,000 squad is from the Bundesliga.

Potm fernandes sbc national duty

We prefer Pizza but have to settle for Pizzi. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2

TOTW 16's Emil Audero stands in goal for Team 2. Donny van de Beek starts for once to secure the Man United player requirement. Team is otherwise split between Serie A and La Liga.

Potm fernandes sbc manchester united

Donny in the starting lineup is something you could see here only. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 3

For 122,000 coins, we cobble together a team from the English Premier League, using four goalkeepers to bring the price down. The only exception is Anthony Lopes from Olympique Lyon - one of our GKs.

Potm fernandes sbc premier league

This is just the beginning of abusing this SBC with GKs. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 4

No exceptions here. The entire squad comes from a single league - the Serie A. Danilo is the TOTW card needed for the roster to qualify. All of this for just under 200,000 coins.

Potm fernandes sbc top form

A full squad of Serie A players players for Team 4. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 5

Thanks to low chemistry requirements, we can mix and match here. Nevertheless, at around 260,000 coins, the team is no bargain. We rely on a combination of La Liga and Serie A and throw in six goalkeepers for good measure.

Potm fernandes sbc 87 rated squad

This and the final squad can only be kept from exploding the bank with a slew of goalkeepers. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 6

331,000 coins for this team and that again only thanks to five goalkeepers. This time the team comes from the Premier League and Bundesliga.

Potm fernandes sbc 88 rated squad

As promised - goalkeepers. (Credit: FUTBIN)

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