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FIFA 21: Best Low-Budget Teams (20K, 50K, 100K)

FIFA 21 budget squad

(Image credit: FUTBIN Squad Builder)

Building a low budget team in FIFA 21 can be difficult. If you are not familiar with older versions of this game, you will have a lot of problems while building your team.

In FIFA 21, It is important to connect players properly (league or nation) to keep the chemistry level as high as possible. High chemistry improves player performance and team performance as well. We here at EarlyGame created three budget teams everyone can afford. Our formation of choice is 4-3-3(3) as it is currently the most used formation in the game.

FIFA 21 Budget Squad – 20K Coins

FIFA 21 budget 20K Squad

FIFA 21 - 20K Squad (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Truth to be told, it is hard to build a budget team with just 20,000 coins. However, we gave it our best show and created the best possible starting squad for this amount of coins. The hybrid squad presented in the picture above will cost you 15K on PS4, 16K on XBOX and just above 11K on PC. It is the cheapest possible squad that you can actually play with and stand a chance to win.

The two attackers, Vinicius and Alex Teixeira are both fast and have high dribbling capabilities. The third attacker is Hulk, a strong player with a great physique and a powerful shot. This attacking line has everything you need and you just can’t get anything better for this amount of coins. The midfield consists of two CDMs that can help to defend and one all-around CM Talisca to support attacks. You can also give special instructions to Paulinho to join attacks as he has decent grades to play as CAM as well.

The defending line consists of two fast Full-Backs, Mendy and Mukiele. Just make sure to give them instructions to stay back while attacking. Zouma and Klostermann are more than capable of holding the line and defending the goal. Last but not least is the goalkeeper Kepa who is the only decent goalie we could find that isn’t too expensive. All in all, you can use this team to start your journey but make sure to upgrade it as soon as you can as it is not good enough to get you into higher divisions.

FIFA 21 Budget Squad – 50K Coins

FIFA 21 budget 50K Squad

FIFA 21 - 50K Squad (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Our budget 50K squad will cost you exactly 50K on PS4, 47k on XBOX and, 55K on PC. The squad is a hybrid consisted of La Liga and Serie A. It has three fast attackers, three even better midfielders and four defenders that are good enough to play in Division 3 or even 2. The only problem with this squad is the chemistry with Manolas. The maximum chemistry we could get was 7 but this player has 82 pace and 85 defending which is enough to stop even Ronaldo or Messi. Alternatively, you can swap him with any Brazilian CB to get 10 chemistry instantly.

FIFA 21 Budget Squad – 100K Coins

FIFA 21 budget 100K Squad

FIFA 21 - 100K Squad (Image credit: FUTBIN)

To create FIFA 21 budget squad on the picture above from scratch you will need exactly 99K on PS4, 107k on XBOX and 105k on PC. This squad is a Premier League La Liga hybrid but it uses PL players on key positions so it is easy to upgrade it later and add any player from Premier League to create a full PL squad. The only problem is on the LB position but there is a new card for Telles from ManUtd. This card costs 20K more but you will need it in order to upgrade this squad later. So when you get enough coins, make sure to first buy the Telles ManUtd card. To sum up, it is a decent squad good enough for your first-weekend league and easier to upgrade it later for your real team.

Stay tuned for more FIFA tutorials and check out EarlyGame or the EarlyGame YouTube channel for everything gaming and esports related.

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