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FIFA 21 Ben Arfa Flashback SBC Solution

Ben Arfa FIFA 21

Is the card worth the amount of money you'd have to spend on it? (Image Credit: Dot Esports/EA Sports)

Having trouble finding the Flashback SBC Solution for Ben Arfa? Don’t know whether or not the card is even worth it? We’ll discuss it all right here.

Ben Arfa, currently under Girondins de Bordeaux, is yet another French card that can be acquired in its Flashback Version if you solve his SBC. Ben Arfa’s standard gold card is a 75 non-rare card, so to suddenly get an 87-rated card is a huge upgrade, right? But that doesn’t mean that it’s worth it, though.

Anyways, let’s look at the stats first.


Ben Arfa Stats

Most certainly a huge upgrade from his non-rare card. (Image Credit: FUTHead)

Almost all upgrades from the base card to Arfa’s Flashback card are 10+. In more detail, you get:

  • PAC: 16+ (total 86)
  • SHO: 10+ (total 84)
  • PAS: 12+ (total 86)
  • DRI: 10+ (total 90)
  • PHY: 15+ (total 78)

As for the defense stats, we’ll ignore those. Because if you do that, then the answer to the question above is: yes. The card is worth it.

However, it is not cheap. And that is why you can also answer this question with: no, it is not worth it.

This SBC will start at over 200,000 coins. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that, unfortunately. That is why we also mentioned that you could also go the route of: no, for that price, the card is not worth it. Opinions vary on this, a lot of it comes down to which other players you have in your team and if you desperately need a card like his.

If you have another CAM player in your team with the same stats, maybe only slightly lower, then it might just be better for you to stick to that.

If you don’t or you’re a fan of Ben Arfa, here are first the requirements:

  • 1 player from France
  • 1 TOTW player
  • 86 rated team
  • 65 chemistry
  • 11 players in the squad

As for the cheapest solution, we’d advise you to go for this:

Ben Arfa SBC Solution

Prices obviously vary, but this is still one of the best options to go for. (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

Think about this for a while, whether or not you really need/want this card. Luckily for you, you’ll have another week to decide.

The expiration date for the Ban Arfa FIFA 21 Flashback Card is January 6 at 10 AM PT.

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