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FIFA 21. Base Icon Upgrade SBC Solution

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The lottery of it all makes the FIFA 21 Base Icon Upgrade SBC a questionable investment. (Image credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports have given FIFA 21 players the opportunity to earn a Base Icon in FUT via a Squad Building Challenge. We will tell you how to complete the Base Icon Upgrade SBC and discuss whether or not it's worth it.

Icons are among the best cards in FIFA Ultimate Team every season. With the FIFA 21 Icon Upgrade SBC, you can obtain one of these strong cards, but at what cost? Let's see what this SBC offers and how we can solve it in the cheapest possible way.

The FIFA 21 Base Icon Upgrade SBC

  • Reward: One Base Icon player
  • Cost: approx. 575,000 coins
  • Expiry: November 30

The FIFA 21 Base Icon Upgrade SBC requires four teams to be handed in, all of them expensive. You get additional rewards for each team, but they aren't worth noting really, considering the individual teams' cost.

We're here for the Icon. Is it worth it? Not in the least bit. You get a Base Icon at the end of it, random at that. There's twice as big of a chance that you'll end up with a card worth way less than what you invested, rather than getting something of real value.

This SBC's worth is brought down further by the Mid Icon SBCs of Javier Zanetti and Edwin van der Sar - which are on at the same time - demanding equal or less coins.

The Cheapest Solution

If you're still not convinced this SBC is a skippable one, then we have the cheapest - still expensive - solution for the FIFA 21 Base Icon Upgrade SBC. You need to hand in four teams for it, each more demanding than the last:

  • Min. 85 OVR, Min. 75 Chemistry
  • Min. one TOTW player, Min. 85 OVR, Min. 70 Chemistry
  • Min. one TOTW player, Min. 86 OVR, Min. 60 Chemistry
  • Min. one TOTW player, Min. 87 OVR, Min. 50 Chemistry

Team 1

When OVR and Chemistry requirements are that high, we often turn to the English Premier League. The Inter duo of Milan Škriniar and Christian Eriksen and Borussia Mönchengladbach goalkeeper Yann Sommer complete our first team. This is the cheapest of the four at 100,000 coins.

Fifa21 base icon upgrade team1

Even the cheapest team for this SBC is very expensive. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2

Chemistry requirements go down as we move along, but OVR is still an issue and we need an In-Form here as well, so we need to dive deep into the bank. Mostly a mixture of the EPL and Serie A, this second squad costs around 110,000 coins.

Fifa21 base icon upgrade team2

Team 2 is where the "cheap" part of the FIFA 21 Base Icon Upgrade SBC comes to an end. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team 3

You barely have to worry about Chemistry for the last two teams. We still need an In-Form and high OVR players, which bumps the price of this squad to over 150,000 coins. OVR requirements are so high, multiple special cards make it in.

Fifa21 base icon upgrade team3

Team 3's OVR demands force us into using multiple special cards. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

Team 4

We've gone for the tried and tested GK strategy by throwing five of them into the team. This is the only way to keep this 87-rated squad at an affordable rate of around 210,000 coins. That alone is nearly enough to secure the cheapest FIFA 21 Base Icons.

Fifa21 base icon upgrade team4

Some major coinage is needed for the last FIFA 21 Base Icon Upgrade SBC team. (Image credit: FUTBIN)

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