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Mad good FUT card

FIFA 21 Arturo Vidal FUT Birthday SBC Solution

FIFA 21 Arturo Vidal FUT Birthday SBC Solution
FUT Birthday is shaping up as a great FIFA 21 event. (Credit: EA Sports)

FUT Birthday is so far an amazing event. The brand new Arturo Vidal SBC with 5-star skill moves may well be the best card of the entire FIFA 21 promo so far. We have the cheapest solution.

Unlike Mesut Özil, Arturo Vidal is making his FUT Birthday debut this year. And what a debut that's turned out to be! The Chilean midfielder's new FIFA 21 card is bonkers! A bit expensive, but the price fits the product in this instance.

The FIFA 21 Arturo Vidal FUT Birthday SBC Card

  • Position: CM
  • Nation: Chile
  • League: Serie A
  • Team: Inter
  • OVR: 89
  • Skill Moves: 5 stars
  • Weak Foot: 4 stars
  • Price: approx. 550,000 coins
  • Expiry: April 13

FUT Birthday Vidal is sensational! No going around it. The boosted skill moves turn him into arguably the best box-to-box midfielder. If you take free kicks out (and even there, he's at a respectable 74), the lowest-rated stat in Arturo Vidal's arsenal is his 82 agility and 82 sprint speed.

FIFA 21 Arturo Vidal FUT Birthday SBC Stats
Arturo Vidal has zero weaknesses. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Next up: the most obvious chemistry style choice in FUT guide history: Basic. Vidal is already great in every aspect. A 93 OVR CM that can practically do it all? Yes, please!

The Cheapest Solution

The good things in life never come cheap. You need three relatively expensive squads for FUT Birthday Vidal:

  • Min. one Piemonte Calcio player, min. one TOTW player, min. 84 OVR, min. 75 chemistry
  • Min. one Serie A player, min. one TOTW player, min. 85 OVR, min. 70 chemistry
  • Min. one TOTW player, min. 86 OVR, min. 65 chemistry

Team 1: Piemonte Calcio

We need a Juventus (Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 21) player and a TOTW player with high chemistry. Serie A squad it is! Aaron Ramsey checks the first box, Jeroen Zoet the second. Achraf Hakimi's CL card even makes it in here and it's still a modest 115,000-coin squad.

FIFA 21 Arturo Vidal FUT Birthday SBC Team Piemonte Calcio
Two special cards make it into team 1. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2: Serie A

The same logic applies to the second team apart from the chemistry, which is going down. That allows for an even cheaper TOTW 26 card that has no chemistry at all - Luis Romo from Cruz Azul. The rest of the squad, which costs 180,000 coins, is mostly from Italy + a Premier League Portuguese trio.

FIFA 21 Arturo Vidal FUT Birthday SBC Team Serie A
Once again, a CL card is better value than a gold one. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 3: Top Form

The third team only requires an In-Form... and a huge OVR. We go for low cost on the In-Form with Yu Kobayashi and a bunch of stars up front headlined by Bruno Fernandes and Heung-Min Son. This Premier League squad consumes the bulk of the coins - around 250,000 of them.

FIFA 21 Arturo Vidal FUT Birthday SBC Team Top Form
The third squad is almost half the total cost of the Vidal SBC. (Credit: FUTBIN)

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