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Get your TOTS-Megastar

FIFA 21: 90+ Deluxe TOTS & 88+ TOTS Upgrade SBC

90+ Deluxe TOTS SBC FIFA 21
Get your Meta-Player for your Ultimate Team (Quelle: TheLogFog via YouTube)

The 90+ Deluxe TOTS SBC and the 88+ TOTS SBC is here! Get your superstars from the TOTS for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. We show you the cheapest solution for both upgrade SBCs.

Premiere in FIFA 21! EA released the 90+ Deluxe TOTS SBC, the first SBC in the current season that rewards you only with TOTS players from the top leagues. But also the 88+ TOTS SBC could be interesting for you.

Which players can I get in the 90+ Deluxe & 88+ TOTS Upgrade SBCs?

From the 88+ TOTS upgrade you can get any player from the TOTS that has at least 88 OVR. The 90+ Deluxe TOTS Upgrade gets you a player with at least 90 OVR from the TOTS of the top 5 leagues.

Are 90+ Deluxe TOTS & 88+ TOTS Upgrade SBCs worth it?

If you are still chasing after Kylian Mbappé, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, the 90+ Deluxe TOTS SBC is highly recommended. The 88+ TOTS SBC can also help you, if you're lucky. Of course, once again nothing is given to you for free. For the 90+ Deluxe TOTS SBC you have to pay about 190,000 coins, the 88+ TOTS SBC costs you about 96,000 coins.

88+ TOTS Upgrade SBC: Cheapest Solution

The 88+ TOTS Upgade SBC requires the following team from you:

  • 88+ TOTS Upgade: Min. 85 OVR, min. 35 chemistry
88+ TOTS Upgrade SBC
This team will cost you around 100.000 coins (Quelle: FUTBIN)

90+ Deluxe TOTS Upgrade SBC: Cheapest Solution

For the 90+ Deluxe TOTS Upgade SBC, you must meet these requirements:

  • 90+ Deluxe TOTS Upgrade: Min. one TOTS-player, min. 87 OVR, min. 30 chemistry
90+ Deluxe TOTS SBC cheapest solution
Will cost you a little over 190.000 coins (Quelle: FUTBIN)

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