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FIFA 21 85+ Double Upgrade SBC Solution

FIFA 21 85+ Double Upgrade SBC Solution
The 85+ Double Upgrade SBC is a great chance to use your untradeables. (Credit: EA Sports)

If you're a FUT gambler, then the FIFA 21 85+ Double Upgrade SBC is perfect for you. For less than 80,000 coins you get the chance of nailing a very powerful card for your squad. We have the cheapest solution ready!

The current FUT event is Future Stars and there's plenty of material over there. This includes the SBCs for Bruno Guimãraes and Pedro Gonçalves. Today we have a solution for a different SBC: the 85+ Double Upgrade.

The FIFA 21 85+ Double Upgrade SBC

Upgrade SBCs are the best way to get rid of untradeable players and get a strong card in return. Yeah, it doesn't work ideally most of the time, but if you have dead weight on your books, why not just shoot your shot?

The only team you have to hand in to complete the upgrade must have 84 OVR and 40 chemistry. Let's get to work!

The Cheapest Solution

This team costs just under 75,000 coins and that's because at 40 chemistry, you can pretty much place whoever wherever. Goalkeepers up front, center backs on the wing, doesn't matter. Getting that 84 OVR is your only concern. For our squad, we've gone with the following lineup:

FIFA 21 85+ Upgrade SBC Team 1
More that half this squad is from the Serie A, but you can go for many other combos due to low chemistry demands. (Credit: FUTBIN)

When you complete the SBC, you'll receive two 85+ OVR gold cards. They can be great, they can be awful. That's for luck to decide.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.