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The ESL could rock more than just the football world

European Super League & FIFA 22: What Changes?

The European Super League could change a lot for FIFA 22
The European Super League could change a lot for FIFA 22. (Credit: European Super League)

The announcement of the European Super League has raised hell in the football world. Here in the gaming side of things, we have different questions: what does ESL mean for FIFA 22?

By FIFA, of course, we mean the video game series, not the international football governing body. How does the game change, if the proposition goes ahead and top football clubs break away into their own league? Let's go over the possibilities.

Will the European Super League Be Licensed in FIFA 22?

You can bet that EA are going to do everything in their power to obtain the rights for the Super League if it comes to be. On the other hand, this whole project is based on the participating clubs making as much money as possible, which could cause some difficulties.

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EA have shown that they are not willing to meet just any demand these past few years. That's why we have the likes of Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 21. They also struggled to obtain the rights to the Champions League for a long, long time, so it's definitely not a given that a settlement can be met.

What Happens If There's No ESL in FIFA 22?

That can cause all sorts of chaos, really. Domestic league authorities have already threatened to expel the breakaway clubs from local competitions, which would then of course mean that none of these clubs or their players can be accurately depicted in FIFA 22.

It's the biggest clubs in the world we're talking here, so you might be able to see how that could make the FIFA 22 experience a tiny bit worse than usual.

How Does the Super League Affect FUT?

If there's no ESL in FIFA 22, what it could do is change the rating meta significantly. Some of the best players won't be in the game, but you can't have your best cards being 90 OVR either. Prepare for 95 OVR Jesse Lingard, if Man United doesn't recall him, that is.

If the European Super League is licensed properly, then that could be even more interesting. Assuming participating clubs are removed from their local leagues, it's most likely that the ESL would act as a regular league in FIFA 22 with internal chemistry links and all.

If teams stay in their domestic competitions next to participating in their little exclusive club, then... not much is gonna change. FIFA 22 will just have one more competition on its books with next to no influence on FUT.

This is all still rather far-fetched because nothing about this project is 100% certain. If it were to go through, it's very likely that FIFA and FUT would go through cataclysms of their own.

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