Central Defenders Are OP In FIFA 22!

The center-backs in FIFA 22 are broken! After being slow (bordering on immobile) last year, EA has been giving away endless pace upgrades this year. But which players are particularly strong now? And why can't we understand EA's decision? We'll tell you.
FIFA 22 Central Defenders OP
Lacroix really runs away from everyone... | © Sportbible

The ratings in FIFA 22 have been known for a long time now, but we still wanted to wait and see how the different players actually feel on the pitch. It's good that we did, because you instantly notice how insane the center-backs actually are now.

Central Defenders In FIFA 22: Pepe, Lacroix & Co.

Lacroix got a +20 pace upgrade in FIFA 22! The old veteran Pepe (who had barely any pace) also gets a boost. Pepe's pace goes from 66 to 81! We didn't know he was doing sprint sessions with Usain Bolt this past year...

But we shouldn't be quick to judge, EA just wanted to fix the problem from last year of weak center-backs.

When EA announced that they wanted to improve the central defenders, at first we thought, "wow, finally! Strikers can focus more on headers, strength and size and reduce pace a bit to let the CBs shine again!" - well, no.

EA has instead made it easy for themselves and given the center-backs more pace, so they could take on the fast moving strikers. Basically, not much has been changed, which means that the full-backs should also continue to be strong in the center.

St Juste has 91 pace, Klostermann 85, Militao 83, Tomori 82 ... even Koulibaly goes from 75 to 81! And we have one more for you: Marquinhos had 72 pace in FIFA 21 - now 81! These improvements will be felt most in starter teams. And thankfully, all of these players are also perfect for trading.

In short: central defenders are back - even if we don't like how...

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