The Midfield Meta in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

In Ultimate Team, of course, you only want the best players in your squad. That's why we're showing you the best midfielders in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!
Best midfielder in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team OP
Which players are worth their price tags? | © EA Sports/Earlygame

The midfield is the heart of your team. If the chemistry between your players doesn't feel right, your whole team will fall apart. To make sure that this doesn't happen to you, we've picked out some of the most reliable and best midfielders in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Since you probably only have a certain number of coins to spend, we have covered all the different price ranges. So... what are we waiting for?

Even if only a few can afford an icon already, we don't want to ignore this legendary sanctuary. So if you have too many coins in your wallet, you really should take a look at Lothar Matthäus. The German probably has the most compact stats for the midfield and is just insane. 89 pace, 89 shooting and 90 in passing and defending – damn, calm down, son! Matthäus is certainly in the upper price range... but we can't tell you an exact price, his Icon is currently not on the transfer market.

The Best Midfielders in Ultimate Team

The next player is expensive too. In Germany, we call players like him a vacuum cleaner – and I think that's beautiful. The Frenchman cleans up in front of your defense and brings every Premier League build to perfection. Kanté is the best CDM in FIFA 22 for a reason! But like always, the quality has its price... you have to pay 500k for your new boss player.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Best Midfielder N'Golo Kanté Meta OP
Look at these sweet stats. | © Futbin

If you are one of those broke losers, who don't carry half a million coins in their pockets, then you should aim a little lower. Atlético's Marcos Llorente is already one of the most popular cards in FIFA 22, because this lad delivers everything you want. For around 120k, you get a card with all stats over 80. The Spaniard dominates the pitch and my emotions. So, if you are still looking for a game changer... then you should definitely go for Llorente!

But of course, there is also the lowest price category. If your coins have already been invested into a strong attack or if you are just starting to work on your starter team, then you need a cheap all-rounder. With Denis Zakaria, you get a good mix of everything. Strong pace (83), convincing physicality and defending. You should be able to scrape together 5k with any SBCs or trading tricks. The Swiss is also suitable as a back-up, of course.

And that's it! That was a quick rundown of the midfielders to look out for in your FUT career. What does your personal OP team look like?

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