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Top 3 Cards from FIFA 21 Headliners Team 2


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It was the Headliners promo that took FIFA 21 and FIFA Ultimate Team in particular into the new year. 2021 has been somewhat tame thus far, with one Capitol exception. Not in FUT. In FUT, things are as far from tame as can be.

The voting for Team of the Year is on and that’s what’s on everyone’s lips. Us EarlyGamers haven’t forgotten, however. We haven’t forgotten that there are still headlines to be read and Headliners to create them.

Headliners Team 2 was slotted into FUT on Friday evening. They’re not TOTY-quality cards, we get it. But not everyone will have a billion coins to spare on those anyway. For the rest of us, Headliners will have to do.

Oh, and by the way, who needs TOTY when there are 98-paced left backs and dudes that don’t know the definition of “a hole in my game” roaming around the Headliners fields. None of those is even our top choice. Who might that be then, you might ask. Stick around and find out!

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