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EA shows us the first ratings for FIFA 22

91 OVR: Ratings of Mbappé and More Players Confirmed for FIFA 22

Mbappé Rating
We got Mbappé's rating for you! | © Esports

The FIFA 22 ratings are finally out! EA has already published some cards, and the players' social media channels are also running hot and are showing us their ratings. So, let's have a look.

We couldn't wait, now the time has finally come! The FIFA 22 ratings were officially published for the first time. Which ratings are known so far? Are there any surprises? And how good is Kylian Mbappé, whom we have already chosen as the best player in FIFA 22.

The FIFA 22 Ratings with Mbappé, Bellingham, Barella & Co.!

Mbappé has already published his card on Instagram. The Frenchman gets, as we expected in the PSG rating prediction (yes, here we also have to praise ourselves), a 91 OVR. And now, please hold on, because the stats are really outstanding: 97 pace, 88 shooting and 92 dribbling! With these stats, Kylian Mbappé will be one of the best in FIFA 22, a world class card!

Mbappé Rating
This card is just brilliant... | © Mein MMO

Well, we've already had Mbappé, but that's not all we got. EA has published the ratings of various players in a new trailer. In addition, Jude Bellingham has also published his card on Instagram and is getting a strong 79. An upgrade that we would not have expected in our BVB rating predictions. We'll show you the trailer first and then go into the ratings in more detail. So take a look:

Let's start with the ratings of the icons and heroes that we saw in the trailer:

  • Roberto Baggio: 91 OVR (Icon)
  • Zola: 85 OVR (Icon)
  • Nakata: 86 OVR (Icon)
  • Vieri: 88 OVR (Icon)
  • Baresi: 91 OVR (Icon)
  • Crespo: 87 OVR (Icon)
  • Maldini: 92 OVR (Icon)
  • Milito: 88 OVR (Heroe)
  • Di Natale: 88 OVR (Heroe)
  • Cordoba: 87 OVR (Heore)

We did not notice any unusual changes in these cards. We have also summarized the ratings of all heroes for you in this article. But now for the most interesting part: the new ratings that were shown in the short trailer:

  • Berardi: 82 OVR
  • Barella: 84 OVR
  • Belotti: 81 OVR
  • Arnautovic: 81 OVR
  • Deulofeu: 79 OVR
  • Vlahovic: 78 OVR
  • Barák: 78 OVR dabei
  • Joao Pedro: 80 OVR
  • Mancuso: 72 OVR
  • Goran Pandev: 74 OVR

It is noticeable that especially the players from Calcio A were released. Here, Barella is the most interesting player with a strong 84 OVR, he will definitely be playable. However, we strongly assume that more cards will drop in the next few days, so be sure to keep an eye on this article. In addition, the top 100 ratings will appear promptly. You notice it, FIFA 22 is drawing closer! Are you as hyped as we are?

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