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FIFA Ultimate Team Season 6 Objectives released

Fifa season 6 gotze pedro

Gotze, Pedro & Umtiti are all on offer in Season 6 (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA Ultimate Team Season 6 has new Objectives on offer to players, including Progress Rewards, Icon Swap Objectives and more. Read on to learn what new goodies you can get.

FUT announced new Objectives in the latest season

This is the sixth time EA Sports has launched a new Ultimate Team season, and the latest one is packed with various challenges to complete over the coming seven weeks.

While Friday’s announcement was slightly overlooked due to the unveiling of Team of the Season So Far and several new Squad Building Challenges and short-term Objectives, there’s still plenty to keep an eye out for in Season 6…

Season Progress Rewards

When a new season is announced, most gamers automatically look to see which Storyline Players are available as a final reward and, like most Storyline Players so far, the latest three would be good additions, yet none are must-haves.

The trio of 90-rated Mario Gotze, Samuel Umtiti and Pedro would all fit into various teams based on chemistry, given their league and nationality. Yet, with only Pedro having a pace rating of 90+, those who prioritize speed could be disappointed.

Fifa season 6 objectives level 15 rewards

Hagi, Agudelo and Elyounoussi can be unlocked by making it to Level 15. (Image credit: EA Sports)

As usual, EA Sports has also included three Storyline Players midway through the Season 6 Objectives. All ranked at 87, Ianis Hagi, Juan Agudelo and Mohamed Elyounoussi could provide a decent option from the bench as they all have a pace rating of 90+. However, all three players aren’t ideal starters as they would likely have a negative impact on team chemistry.

EARLYGAME TIP: As none of Hagi, Agudelo and Elyounoussi are likely to be starters, look at where your squad is weak and that can inform which player would best suit your squad. Either of the trio would make a good substitute.

Also on offer in Season Progress are two Prime Icon seven-game loans (Luis Figo and Socrates), while there are plenty of packs, tifos, badges, stadium themes and celebrations to be unlocked over the next seven weeks.

Icon swaps

Like Season 5, there are 12 Icon Swaps Objectives to complete, which can be traded for a selection of Icon players in Squad Building Challenges.

Four of these Objectives involve winning Squad Battles games with sides that fill certain criteria. The challenges range in difficulty and while winning six Legendary games with a fully German XI might not seem too daunting, earning five victories with a team of only USA players on World Class might be slightly more difficult.

Fifa season 6 icons

A look at which Icons can be won in Icon Swaps 3. (Image credit: EA Sports)

The other two Objectives include winning five Squad Battles matches on World Class with a side containing only Championship and CONMEBOL players.

EARLYGAME TIP: Before starting the Icon Swaps Objectives, decide which Icon(s) you want to add to your team. That means you’ll know exactly how many Objectives you’ll need to complete in order to secure your ideal Icon.

As for the online challenges, there are again eight on offer this Season.

They include the perennial league objectives where gamers have to win four Rivals matches with at least nine first-owned players from the respective five top divisions (Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga).

Also making a return is the One Club Wonders objective, where an Icon Swaps card is available for winning five Rivals matches with an XI of purely first-owned players, while another Objective can be attained by winning 12 Weekend League matches.

The only new challenge in Season 6 comes in the World Beaters objectives, where an Icon Swaps card can be achieved by winning five Rivals matches using at least two players from the big five leagues in the starting XI.

EARLYGAME TIP: Try doubling up on Objectives. For instance, if your squad is based predominantly around La Liga players, then why not try winning five Rivals matches with 11 first-owned La Liga players, in order to complete two challenges at once. To be even more efficient, you could select a team to also comply with more time-sensitive Objectives like TOTSSF Ivan Toney and Marcus Thuram, or Player Moments Ayemeric Laporte.


Finally, on offer in Season 6 are the usual Objectives based on scoring in Squad Battles and Rivals matches, as well as achieving assists in any game mode.

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