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FIFA 21 Weekend League Starts – All Information About FUT Champions

Fifa 21 weekend league fut champions

The first FIFA 21 Weekend League starts on October 16. (Image credit: EA Sports)

This weekend the first FIFA 21 Weekend League starts. The most difficult mode in FUT attracts fans of the sports game with high-quality rewards in the form of card packs and coins. We will tell you what awaits you in FUT Champions.

FIFA veterans already know: FUT Champions or Weekend League is the most important competitive game mode in FIFA Ultimate Team. In FIFA 21 the first Weekend League is coming up - we'll make you fit for the champions.

Fifa 21 ultimate team season 1

The FUT Champions Weekend League is the most important mode in Ultimate Team. (Image credit: EA Sports)

What is the Weekend League?

In the most popular game mode FIFA Ultimate Team there are several ways to prove your skills. For example, you can compete in squad battles with CPU opponents, have fun in friendly or draft games or fight online against other players for rewards in Division Rivals.

Every FUT player is eagerly awaiting the Weekend League, the most difficult mode of all. Here you have a total of 30 games each weekend in which you should win as many games as possible. The more victories you get for your FUT team on the weekend, the better the rewards. For the Elite 1 rank, for example, 125,000 coins, four high-quality card packs with the best FIFA 21 players, and 3 player choice packs with stars from the current Team of the Week are waiting for you.

The FUT Champions rewards are distributed every Thursday at 10:00 AM, one hour after the Division Rivals Rewards.

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When Does the Weekend League Start?

The Weekend League always runs from Friday, 09:00 AM until Monday 09:00 AM. The first FIFA 21 Weekend League starts on October 16, one week after the release. Enough time to put together a strong FUT starter team for you.

What Ranks Are There in FUT Champions?

The respective rank depends on the number of games won, starting with Bronze 3 if you win a maximum of one game. It gets really exciting from rank Silver 1 on, because further up you get a TOTW player choice.

  • Bronze 3 (0 to 1 victory)
  • Bronze 2 (2-3 wins)
  • Bronze 1 (4-5 wins)
  • Silver 3 (6-7 wins)
  • Silver 2 (8-10 wins)
  • Silver 1 (11-13 wins)
  • Gold 3 (14-16 wins)
  • Gold 2 (17-19 wins)
  • Gold 1 (20-22 wins)
  • Elite 3 (23-24 wins)
  • Elite 2 (25-26 wins)
  • Elite 1 (27 wins)

Top 200 - The 200 best players of the Weekend League will be honored here. Depending on their ranking, they will receive various rewards.

How Do I Qualify for the FIFA 21 Weekend League?

To qualify for the Weekend League, you have to earn a total of 2,000 FUT Champions points. You can do this via the Division Rivals game mode, where you collect points in FIFA 21 for each completed game. Additional points are also available in the weekly Rivals Rewards.

The higher your division and the better your result in a match, the more FUT Champions points you earn. If you have already played in the Weekend League, you will receive 2,000 FUT Champions points on top of your Gold 3 rank and secure your next participation.

Fifa 21 gameplay haaland

Show what you got in the FUT Weekend League! (Image credit: EA Sports)

When Do I Have to Qualify?

In FIFA 20 it was still possible to qualify for FUT Champions after the Weekend League has already started. This might be the case again in FIFA 21. Until Saturday at 09:00 AM the Weekend League qualification is possible, after that you have to be patient for one week.

Video credit: FUT Mentor via YouTube

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