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FIFA 21 Title Update 2 Patch Notes

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We hope that with these latest patches FIFA 21 will take us to that next level. (Image credit: EA Sports)

Two FIFA 21 patches prior to the game's official release? Sure, why not. EA Sports have released Title Update 2 for all platforms with more somewhat minor fixes that should have FIFA 21 finally ready for its international launch tomorrow.

Title Update 1 was released earlier this week. The first official maintenance of FIFA 21 contained just one line of patch notes, but it was a rather serious issue that it fixed. The CPU was taking over matches after a player had left instead of awarding the opponent an automatic victory. Now that this is out of the way, EA have paved the course for Title Update 2, which has a lot more patch notes, yet most are minor bugs related to the game's feel and outlook.

FIFA 21 Title Update 2 Patch Notes

Pro Clubs

  • Addressed an issue with the Pro Clubs Leaderboards.
    • The Scout Pro screen was incorrectly displaying greyed out options.
  • In Pro Clubs, AI RM/RW teammates did not have the exact same Attributes as LM/LW teammates.
    • This only impacted Divisions 10 - 5.


  • Some Gold Packs for returning players displayed a placeholder image.
  • The Netherlands Tifos previously displayed as Holland.
  • Updated names of several Tifos.
  • Corrected a typo on the New Items screen.
  • Addressed the message that would display when attempting to bid on a FUT Item with a full Transfer Targets list.
  • Addressed the Three Gold Loan Player Pick being incorrectly named.

Volta Football

  • The ball was sometimes difficult to see on the new Volta Stadium.
  • The Import Face customization option incorrectly referred to Volta Football and Volta World.

With this we hope that FIFA 21 is now a working package and the worldwide launch will not be stained by annoying little bugs.

FIFA 21 Early Access Volta Gameplay

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