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FIFA 21 Title Update 1 Fixes Ridiculous Online Issue!

FIFA 21 Pitch Notes Deep Dive

The first patch for FIFA 21 precedes the game's woldwide release on October 9. (Image credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 hasn't even been released properly yet and we're already greeted by patch notes. The game's dropping on Friday and EA Sports want to make sure all is well by fixing a serious issue with the online performance of the game.

FIFA 21 does a lot of things a lot better than its direct predecessor, as we found out in our own early-bird review of the anticipated sports game title. Nevertheless, there are still some bugs and problems which have to be eliminated by developer EA Sports. FIFA 21 Title Update 1 is available for download and fixes a bug with the online mode.

FIFA 21 Title Update 1 Patch Notes

FIFA 21 Title Update 1 is available for download across all platforms. Despite a respectable memory size of 700MB, it contains one single fix. It is a case of quality over quantity, however, as that single patch note is worth more than most major title updates.

During online matches in different game modes, if you leave at any point of the clash, the game is over, and you automatically lose. At least that's how it's supposed to happen. Not in FIFA 21. Up until Title Update 1, it could occasionally happen that a game would continue after a player had left with the CPU taking his place in the match.

The problem has been solved with Title Update 1. This bug was communicated by the community in the EA Sports FIFA Tracker on Trello, which was created by EA Sports. They do listen after all, when they choose to.

With this tool FIFA 21 fans are able to report problems immediately after encountering them, which should lead to a faster reaction by EA Sports and timely patches. We bet it won't take long after Friday for Title Update 2 to arrive and it might be a much bigger one.

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