The most effective skill move in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Tips: How to Do the Drag Back Skill Move

FIFA 21 Drag Back Tutorial Tips

This is how you run the Drag Back in FIFA 21. (Image credit: EA Sports)

The Drag Back was the strongest and most popular skill move in FIFA 20, but in FIFA 21 it works a bit different. We will tell you how to perform the special move this time and how to catch defenders off-guard.

With the skill move Drag Back you pull the ball back and then change your direction to avoid defenders. In FIFA 20 the Drag Back was the most popular special move of all and in FIFA 21 it also works very well. There's only one small detail - the execution has changed a lot.

FIFA 21 Early Access Gameplay - PSG vs Liverpool

FIFA 21: How to Do the Drag Back

Last year, Drag Back was the most important and effective skill move of all, and in FIFA 21 the movement will again play an important role in the offensive game. However, the introduction of agile dribbling has changed the execution this time. The most important part: It is still very easy to use and still allows movements in all directions.

To do the drag back in FIFA 21 you first have to hold L1+R1 or LT+RT and then move the left analog stick first in the opposite direction of your running direction and then in the direction you want to move.

For example, if you are running to the left towards the goal and want to run down, press L1+R1 and move the left analog stick first to the right and then down.

The Drag Back in FIFA 21

  • Keep L1+R1 (or LT+RT) pressed
  • Move left analog stick in the opposite direction
  • Move the left analog stick in the direction you want to continue

Video credit: Y5K via YouTube

The Drag Back has become more difficult in FIFA 21 and, therefore, not as effective as last year, but it's still one of the most important special moves you have to master this year.

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FIFA 21 Early Access Volta Gameplay (Video credit: Dailymotion)

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