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FIFA 21: The Best FC Barcelona Players


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Finally the time has come: After a long wait, the new FIFA 21 is on all game shelves and sales charts. After last year's criticism EA was clearly under pressure to make some changes. Many criticisms of FIFA 20 were quite justified and the question was, whether the latest offshoot would be more than a simple squad update.

After numerous reviews it is clear: EA has delivered properly! Besides numerous gameplay innovations like the agile dribbling and improved AI, some weak points of the old game were also eliminated. Thus, in FIFA 21, crosses & headers are finally a useful tool again, making the offensive game much more flexible. In addition, there are improvements to the VOLTA mode and some new features for FIFA Ultimate Team, including the stadium expansion and the FUT-Coop mode. It is safe to say that FIFA 21 leaves ist predecessor in the dust.

As every year, the player ratings are a popular debate topic within the community. Big question: Messi or Ronaldo? As every year, the title for the best FIFA player is decided between the two GOATs. However, the ratings are also hotly debated outside of this. How do Bundesliga teams compare internationally? Which team is the best worldwide? Questions upon questions, which are answered little by little.

In regards to La Liga, the power struggle between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is of course extremely exciting. The world-famous "El Classico" will again provide us with hot duels this year. But how do the Catalans perform in FIFA 21? After a comparatively disappointing season, FC Barcelona suffered some rating downgrades. We took a closer look at the top 5 players of the glorious FC Barcelona. Let's go!


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