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FIFA 21 Rating Prediction: FC Liverpool

FIFA 21 Rating Prediction FC Liverpool

How might the values of the players from Liverpool FC change in FIFA 21? (Source: EA Sports / EarlyGame)

After thirty years, the Reds finally celebrated the championship title in England again and finished the season with 99 points ahead of Manchester City. How the 2019 Champions League winner could end up in FIFA 21 and how the ratings could change, we tell you in our Rating Prediction.

Jürgen Klopp and FC Liverpool have finally made it. For the first time since 1990, the Reds have become champions of the English Premier League again. In our FIFA 21 Rating Prediction of Liverpool FC we look at how the ratings of Alisson, Mo Salah or Sadio Mané could rise.

FC Liverpool FIFA 21 Rating

This is how FC Liverpool might end up in FIFA 21. (Image credit: FUTHead)

FIFA 21 Rating Prediction FC Liverpool


Alisson - GK - 89 OVR -> 90 OVR: Only 33 goals against in 38 league games, that's a record. Not without reason, Alisson Becker was elected World Goalkeeper of the Year 2019. Also this year the Brazilian showed what he is capable of and ended up in the FUT 20-TOTY and -TOTS. Also for FIFA 21 one of the best options as a goalkeeper.


Andrew Robertson - LB - 85 OVR -> 86 OVR: After a strong season on the left outer lane, the Scott's rating is likely to rise, even if he did not get as much attention as Trent on the right.

Virgil Van Dijk - CB - 90 OVR -> 91 OVR: Two Informs, TOTY and TOTS - Van Dijk is the best central defender in the world, that much is certain. A higher rating is considered safe, but one point is enough.

Joe Gomez - CB - 80 OVR -> 84 OVR: The youngster at Van Dijk's side has played an outstanding season, which was honored with a TOTS card.

Trent Alexander-Arnold - RB - 83 OVR -> 86 OVR: Two TOTWs, Player of the Month, Team of the Year, and Team of the Season. Trent is currently one of the world's best full-backs and is expected to rise strongly in FIFA 21.


Georginio Wijnaldum - CM - 84 OVR -> 86 OVR: The compatriot of central defender Van Dijk isn't further behind and will surely increase in rating.

Fabinho - CDM - 85 OVR -> 85 OVR: With the exception of an Inform card the Brazilian remained rather pale this season. Probably not too much will change in the FIFA 21 Rating.

Jordan Henderson - CDM - 83 OVR -> 85 OVR: Henderson looks back on a strong season, even though he only got a TOTW card in FIFA 20. Nevertheless a higher OVR is considered almost certain.


Sadio Mané - LW - 88 OVR -> 90 OVR: The African star stole the show from almost all other Liverpool professionals this season and played the season of his life. Simply outstanding, for that you need a rating of 90 or more.

Roberto Firminho - CF - 86 OVR -> 87 OVR: The former Hoffenheim player was also convincing, but he plays more of an initiator than a goal scorer. This however, does not diminish his performance.

Mohammed Salah - RW - 90 OVR -> 91 OVR: Salah was good, but Mané was better. Probably nobody would have thought so before the season but that's how it is sometimes in soccer. Rating-Boost? For sure! A Weak Foot upgrade would be nice too, EA Sports!

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